Alison Quesnel

Former CEO of Business In The Community, Alison is a great believer in the Mentoring Programme and how it is helping small businesses to survive and grow. Alison has served as a Judge on the WestpacTrust business Excellence Awards in the North Shore and Manukau for three years, has served as President of the Export Institute, is a Director of Business In The Community and a Trustee of the Equal Employment Opportunity Trust. She is a member of the IOD and Small Business Advisory Group and still acts as a business mentor .

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Allan Pease

Allan Pease talks about relationships and communication. He teaches simple, field-tested skills and techniques that work. And he delivers his message in a humorous way, which motivates people to want to use these ideas immediately

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Allison Mooney CSP

Allison shows organisations how in getting the best out of their people, they can achieve productivity and profit. Allison is an international speaker of vast experience.

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Amanda Fleming

Amanda is best know for her training programmes on how to present yourself, rather than the traditional skills of how to present a speech. She facilitates change in human behaviour and enables people to focus on their fears or self doubts and to work out what is holding them back or blocking their progress. By encouraging people to express their fears she can give them the practical means to move forward and present themselves well.

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Annah Stretton

Annah Stretton is the founder of the Annah Stretton fashion label, a successful New Zealand entrepreneur, (celebrating 25 years in the business of fashion this year,) an author of seven books and an in-demand public speaker. 

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Barry Vryenhoek

A lifetime devoted to the NZ Army, has seen Brigadier Barry Vryenhoek hold many senior roles including Deputy Chief of Army, Army General Staff Wellington and General Manager Corporate Services, Army’s most senior civilian role. Brigadier Vryenhoek holds a MBA, MA (Hons) in Strategic Studies and has completed a senior executive course at the Harvard Business School. He talks extensively on leadership in particular: Leadership underpinned by a clear ethos and core values and on a leadership culture that builds teams and seeks to influence others.

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Bernard Hickey

Bernard is a leading financial editor and commentator with over 25 years experience writing for various websites and publications in Auckland, Wellington, Canberra, Sydney, London and Singapore.

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Bill Day

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2000, Bill started out as a scuba diving instructor, then began taking underwater commercial jobs. Before long Bill had so much work he bought a dive support vessel and in 1983 launched his shipping company Seaworks. Bill has found a niche market and developed a highly successful maritime service business. An innovative and entrepreneurial businessman as well as adventurer.

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Bill James CSP

Bill has an amazing record as a sales person, networker, managing and in generating referrals and has held positions as Sales and Branch Managers. He delivers keynote addresses, workshops and is an experienced MC and trainer.

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Bill Ralston

Bill is a journalist, broadcaster, and media personality, active in television, radio and print. He has worked as a political correspondent, fronted the television arts show Backch@t, and was the head of news and current affairs at TVNZ from 2003 to 2007.

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Billy Graham

Billy Graham's presentations are 'punchy', 'lively' and 'fun'. He is full of energy and his humourous presentations are always memorable.

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Brad Olsen

Brad Olsen is a Principal Economist and Director at Infometrics and is one of New Zealand’s leading economic commentators. Brad’s passionate about using economics to make better informed decisions and can communicate complex and detailed trends in a simple, relatable, and useful manner. With extensive networks across New Zealand’s business, media, community, and social sectors, Brad often brings together a variety of views, data, and emerging trends to inform advice and analysis to key decision makers across New Zealand. Brad’s a community leader and is one of New Zealand’s youngest Justices of the Peace. His work in the community has been recognised a number of times: he was named New Zealand’s Queen’s Young Leader in 2016, one of Asia New Zealand Foundation’s 25 to Watch in 2019, and Young Wellingtonian of the Year 2020.

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Brian Richards

He has spent over 25 years advising leading companies in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe.

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Cath Vincent

For over 20 years Cath Vincent has been inspiring business leaders and sales people to learn the tools of change that will revolutionise their personal effectiveness.

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Catherine DeVrye

One of the most sought after speakers in Australia today, Catherine has worked with both business leaders and elite athletes, after previously holding several senior positions at IBM.

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Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Catherine has an amazing ability to bring out the best in people, turn around individual and team performance and to stimulate positive changes.

Christine Rankin

Christine Rankin is the former Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest government departments in New Zealand at the time, WINZ. Christine’s passion for leadership and her belief in the power of individual potential is the centre of her continuing work.

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Clare Feeney

Clare has worked with people from factory floor to board room and at all levels of government, including farmers, iwi, conservationists, investors, accountants, manufacturers and drinking water, stormwater and wastewater utilities. A wealth of anecdotes from the horrifying to the hilarious, the informative to the inspirational, make her an engaging and motivational speaker.

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Colin James

Colin James is a political journalist of more than 30 years experience and political columnist of the year in 2003. He has correctly forecast which party would be or lead the government after 12 of the past 13 elections.

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Dame Therese Walsh

Therese servied as the General Manager Corporate Services for Rugby New Zealand 2011 Limited, the company established by the NZRU and the NZ Government to deliver the Rugby World Cup Tournament in 2011 and is now doing a similar role for the Cricket World Cup to be hosted jointly in Australia and NZ in 2015.

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Dave Letele

Dave Letele is the founder of Brown Buttabean Motivation (BBM), a free community health programme that has helped thousands of New Zealanders lose weight and get fit and healthy.

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David Brown

David has a diverse business background, from being a freelance trainer and consultant for the real estate and insurance industries to being a business owner. After working in Australia for a large company of retail management specialists, David specialises in giving clients and business owners a “Big Picture” to work towards, one that fits in with their personal and professional goals on a group or individual level.

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Debbie Mayo-Smith CSP

She delivers practical; ’how-to’; motivating solutions that will have your group saying wow! every few moments. Debbie is one of the most sought after speakers in NZ and Australia, a media columnist and bestselling author of 16 books. She is unique in her gift for combining intimate knowledge of everyday business tools; understanding your business and problems; then creating unique customised presentations targeting pain points. Your group learns how to make easy, tiny, implementable tweaks to what they do, creating significant gains in the area you are targeting. 

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Denis Orme

Denis’ experience encompasses restructuring businesses, doing one-on-one mentoring and coaching of CEO’s and management teams, devising and implementing high-level business strategies, turning managers into leaders, helping companies to analyse operations, develop and implement change management strategies and return organisations to sustainable profitable long-term growth. He is an informed and entertaining speaker.

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Dr Ganesh Nana

Ganesh has been a regular commentator on the New Zealand economy for various media when he oversaw production of BERL Birds Eye View, which assessed the New Zealand economy’s outlook.

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Dr Kerry Spackman

He has been a long-term consultant to four Formula One teams as well as the New Zealand All Blacks specialising in performance optimisation and he is retained by the New Zealand Government to provide elite training to Olympic and team sports. He is also the author of The Winner’s Bible and The Ant and the Ferrari.

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Dr Michelle Dickinson - aka Nanogirl

Her passion for both sports and science has enabled her to travel the world on a search for her next adventure or research project. With specialist knowledge in nanotechnology, Michelle has contributed to the development of cutting edge technologies.

Eric Rush

Eric has balanced his distinguished and highly successful rugby career with goals off the field. He completed a Bachelor of Law degree and was admitted to the Bar as a Barrister. He worked for seven years in Corporate Law before devoting himself full time to his rugby career. At the same time, he has continued to pursue other business interests and investments. Eric has strong leadership skills and is a highly rated speaker. 

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Gareth Kiernan

Gareth is involved in producing the firm's regular forecasts and news analysis service, providing regular updates on trends in economic data for clients. He also regularly does presentations to clients on the economic outlook relevant to their industry.

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Geoff Wake

He works with people who are ready for change, ready to take things to the next level and with a desire to be the best they can be. Geoff's clients want to live and work intentionally, blow out excuses and limiting emotions, cope better with the life’s challenges and tap into their most resourceful states to unleash their full potential. 

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Getrude Matshe

Getrude Matshe is an inspirational speaker who has been described as a vibrant bundle of African energy whose zest and passion for life inspires everyone she meets. She is passionate about helping people achieve their full potential and find their individual life purpose. She is passionate about individuals’ success. This makes her an energetic, inspirational and enlightening speaker. Getrude has written several books and is now a book writing coach.

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Gilbert Enoka

Reaching your full potential so you can lift the performance of your team and business can be achieved with the guidance of a skilled professional. His skills have been highly sought after by the All Blacks, The Canterbury Crusaders, Super 12 rugby team and the New Zealand Cricket Team. You will find Gilbert’s workshops ‘matter of fact’ and interactional providing you with the winning tools and skills used by many of our corporate and sporting heroes.

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Gilly Chater

She has over twenty-five years of global experience in leadership and culture change. For the last 20+ years she has specialised in presenting the new paradigm she calls the Effortless Leadership Paradigm™ which is about simplifying how the mind works. 

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Glenda Hughes

Commonwealth Games shot put champion, policewoman, media consultant, investigative journalist, TV frontperson and producer, talkback host and board member.

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Glenn Capelli

For five years his live radio program Thinking Caps broadcast weekly on Radio 3AW in Melbourne and Thinking Caps the book has sold more than 7,000 copies.

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Graham Foster

Graham blends his own CEO performance ideas with up to the minute personal development practices and everyday common sense service skills for customers which generate profits and increased sales results. Graham has developed a great seminar on “Urgent Profit Recovery” and the effects of increasing or discounting prices and offers a money back guarantee. He has recently published a book “The Power of Positive Profit” and uses an exciting Financial Analyser programme that at a glance can forecast performances of individual companies and predict changes in financial performance generated by raising or lowering prices, costs, etc. Former New Zealander but now USA based he still spends time in Australia and New Zealand.

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Greg Joynt

Greg specialises in assisting owner operated trade based businesses. Recently Greg has developed a programme specifically for the Automotive Trades called ‘The Successful Auto Repairer’ and how to make the transition from being a good tradesperson to a successful business owner.

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Ian Fraser

Former head of TVNZ after a long career in the media.

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Jackie Furey

Jackie is a university-trained psychotherapist who is known both nationally and internationally for her wisdom, wit and down-to-earth approach. She cites her Irish heritage with giving her the ability to get the story of “From the bedroom to the boardroom - it’s all about performance” across to the audience in an entertaining, enlightening and thought-provoking way.

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James Strong

He is Chairman of Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG), Chairman of Ripcurl, Chairman of the Business-Arts Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Woolworths. He is perhaps best known as the former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Qantas Airways Limited, Australia’s largest airline. Under his leadership Qantas was voted Number 1 airline in the world. He is also a former Chairman of IATA, the International Air Transport Association, which represents the airline industry, and the first Australian to be honoured with this appointment.

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Jan Alley

Jan coaches on topics including interpersonal skills, people management, team leading and conflict resolution. She is also working with emotional intelligence as a new topic.

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Jane Diplock

Chairman of the Securities Commission, also Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) . She is an officer of the General Division of the order of Australia and was honoured for her services to business and commerce, to public administration and to the community.

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Jenny Morel

Several of these companies have grown to be international with significant operations outside New Zealand. 

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Joan Baker

Joan is a lovely Irish lady with a long career in education and management. Brings a wealth of experience to her presentations. 

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John Bougen

book “An Absolutely Outrageous Adventure” is the account of their journey, the places they visited, and in particular the people they met. They were angered, humbled, scared and tired – but never bored. John Bougen, an Auckland businessman and his NZ born cousin, James Irving of Brisbane, completed their staggering All Nations Quest Journey amid some of the most anxious security times the world has seen. They journeyed through the Middle East as the US was poised to attack Iraq and they encountered many harrowing moments in other parts of the world. Bougen's Guinness book record is for ‘the most countries visited in six months’. He is later expected to receive another world record for the biggest air ticket every issued for a single journey. Bougen journeyed 242,000 km – which is equivalent to circumnavigating the world six

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John Hart

John Hart spent 30 years with Fletchers and ultimately became Group Employee Relations Director, responsible for leading the development and co-ordination of the Human Resource function for Fletcher Challenge’s international operations. John played a major role in the New Zealand Rugby scene in the period 1987-1991 as an All Black Selector and Coach. He is widely acknowledged as the architect of New Zealand’s pre-eminence in Rugby in the late 1980’s. His motivational, man-management skills and vision have been recognised worldwide.

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John Lees

Fantastic speaker. John offers countless and proven ideas on modern business developments and he specialises in sales and small business. His presentations are guaranteed to be enjoyable, and capable of profoundly affecting the business performance of people. John can do keynote and after dinner sessions

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John Mayhew

All Black Doctor, Warriors Doctor and Clinical Director for an Insurance Company dealing with medical claims.

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John Morrell

Since the early seventies John has been involved in hands-on sales and marketing. He specialises in the areas of networking, building strategic alliances, new client acquisition and client retention, especially in the professional services areas.

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John Shackleton CSP

A top sports coach with a sports psychology background, John Shackleton shows international business audiences ideas and techniques that exercise and improve the biggest, most powerful muscle in the body: the brain.

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Jolene Brown

Laughter and Learning. Audiences are uplifted with laughter as they experience the insightful wisdom, researched information and genuine caring from Jolene Brown

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Jonar Nader

Jonar Nader provides clients with the necessary tools to re-orientate their business practices by building on the fundamentals and linking technology with management. He defines his talents in three words, observation, memory and analysis.

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Justin Herald

In 1995 with only $50 in his pocket, Justin Herald decided to start his own business. He had enough money to buy 4 blank t-shirts and have them printed with his logo. At last count, his company "Attitude" had sold over 150,000 units! 

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Karen Scott

Karen Scott is one of New Zealand’s most recognised business women renowned for her determination and passion to succeed in the competitive magazine world. Sales are her strength and Karen’s dream of owning her own magazine began when she found herself fully responsible for two young children and unable to find a publication that provided her with information about the city she was living in for the whole family. In 2003 she created Tots to Teens - a magazine that identified kid friendly locations, shops and events around Auckland. In recognition of her success Karen was named Her Business – (2005) Most Inspirational Role Model AND Best New Business. In 2006, Karen embarked on the next exciting chapter of her adventure by joining forces with Australian-based on-line parenting directory kidspot.com.au

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Karen Stevens

Karen graduated with a BA and Law degree from Victoria University and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1987. While she lived in England in the mid 1980s, she worked as a lawyer in Cornwall and, on her return to New Zealand, she commenced practice as a solicitor with a large legal firm in 1989.

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Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham’s leading edge and innovative approach has seen him become Australia’s foremost expert on customer loyalty. From business success to personal fulfilment, Keith has a customised presentation for every occasion.

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Kevin Roberts

He is one of New Zealand's most visionary men. Ever.

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Kevyn Male

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Lester Levy

Lester Levy is best known for leading a number of successful business transformations in both the private and public sectors. He has a wealth of practical experience gained through his career and is known as one of New Zealand’s leading management executives.

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Linda Clark

Linda Clark was one of New Zealand’s most influential journalists and interviewers when in 2006 she retired from Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme to take up studying for a law degree. A long time political editor, she is still in demand as a political commentator. These days she works at one of Wellington’s largest public law firms. Her clients include some of the country's biggest corporates and state owned enterprises.

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Linda Coles

Networking online or social media is fast becoming recognised as a new, additional, and exciting way of communication and doing business with others. By networking effectively in the right places, you can put yourself or your company on the radar of those that you wish to seek a business relationship with, all at your fingertips.

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Linda Guirey

Linda Guirey is one of the most respected and sought-after experts on ‘Mindset’ and changing the way we think. She is an inspiring and compelling international speaker and trainer, who transforms and inspires people and organisations from the inside out.

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Malcolm Scrymgeour

Mal has been an international retail consultant for five years. During his time as a consultant, Mal has worked with clients in industries as diverse as Liquor, Pharmacy, Golf, Oil/C-Store’s and Supermarkets. His client list includes individual store owners, right through to major corporate clients such as Shell USA, Shell Australia, Mayne Group Pharmacy chains – Terry White Chemist and Chemmart, and Conoco Phillips the USA’s third largest oil refiner. Mal currently has clients in Australia, USA, Malaysia, Thailand and the Czech Republic.

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Maria Carlton

Maria has spent 20 years learning about sales, marketing, advertising, branding and promotion. Her passion lies in helping to turn people on to their potential and achieve outstanding results in business.

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Mark Di Somma

Meet a man who really believes business must become more creative and who encourages business folks to rethink their parameters by taking on conventions and orthodoxies.

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Mark Inglis

Standing on the summit of Mount Everest has always been a boyhood dream, a dream that Mark thought he had lost in 1982 when as a Search and Rescue Mountaineer in New Zealand’s majestic Mount Cook National Park, He had a ‘hiccup’ in my climbing career, stuck in an ice cave dubbed ‘Middle Peak Hotel’ near the summit of Mount Cook for 14 days. As a result of this stay Mark lost both legs below the knees to frostbite.

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Mark McCrindle

He is an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author, and influential thought leader, and he is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia’s leading organisations.

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Mark Sutherland

Mark has attended two summer Olympics as coach to the New Zealand Canoe Team including Paul MacDonald & Ian Ferguson and the 1994 Winter Olympics as trainer to the New Zealand World Record Ice Racing Team. He has six other World Champions to his credit as a coach, trainer or performance coach in five different sports. Mark has transitioned his Sports Coaching into Performance Coaching for Businesses and uses the tools and skills that his sportspeople have mastered into giving executives and business people the edge to win.

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Marnie Adams

Very successful in her own business career, she speaks from experience. Marnie believes business is the art of getting what you want by doing what you are good at. She has a forward thinking approach to business issues including change, service and personal attitude. Formerly marketing manager at Victoria Park Market – she was responsible for the turn around of the market with a change of attitude and focus. Fantastic sales person, she is now doing very well in real estate.

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Martin Hawes

Martin Hawes is New Zealand’s best-selling financial author. He is a highly sought after seminar presenter, and business advisor and enjoys conference speaking on money matters and motivation. He brings the often seemingly complex aspects of finance, investment, taxation and trusts to a simple and understandable reality.

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Mary Holm

Mary's personal finance Q&A column appears in the Weekend Herald, and her award-winning syndicated column runs in the Dominion Post, Christchurch Press, Waikato Times and Gisborne Herald. She has also written several best-selling books on personal finance, including KiwiSaver.

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Michael Hill

Jeweller - Michael seems to continue to make profits with his jewellery businesses both here and in Australia even when other retailers are struggling. Michael shares his marketing and success stories with delegates.

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Mike Ashby

Dr Mike Ashby is an experienced business mentor and coach and the author of the book, Breakpoints: How to Shift Your Business to the Next Level. For more than 12 years, Dr Mike Ashby has been helping hundreds
of business owners grow their business and improve their lifestyle. Prior to owning his own business, Dr Mike
was COO at Southern Cross Healthcare where he was responsible for turning around a $42M loss into a $30M
profit in two years. Before that he was a partner at Ernst & Young Consulting in Wellington, leading the national
Strategy and Transformation team.

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Mike Handcock

One of only 25 speakers Globally to have the CSP Global. Mike was NZ Speaker of the Year 2014 (other National Awards in 2007, 2009 & 2011). He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his Philanthropic endeavours. He is the award winning author of 13 Books, a musician with 11 albums and a No#1 hit and consistently makes over $1m a year from speaking.

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Mike Hutcheson

Mike is passionate about innovation and creativity, and his life is a living example of that.

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Mike Pero

Personal and business success story - from very average scholastic results to a highly successful franchised mortgage broking business, plus interests in airlines and freight forwarding companies and his newly developed consumer protection business SafeKiwi.

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Miles Davis

Miles has been punched by Joe Frazier, hugged by Pavarotti, and thrown out of sports stadia around the world. On the down side, he is also a Pom with an opinion on everything.

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Murray Thom

Murray's career is a success story. Murray was the Head of CBS Music, founder of Personalised Plates and now runs his own highly successful music business.

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Nadine Higgins

Her career since has spanned many of New Zealand’s top shows and media outlets including Breakfast, Seven Sharp, The Project, Today FM and The Sunday Star Times.

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Ngahihi o te ra Bidois

After Dinner     Business     Motivational     Corporate     MC

Award winning speaker and MC. Ngahihi was National Speakers Association New Zealand (Auckland) 2007 Master of Ceremonies of the Year and the 2007 Bright Star Speaker of the Year, 2008 Inspirational Speaker of the Year, 2008 Speaker of the Year and 2009 Master of Ceremonies of the Year. Ngahi has many years of speaking and leadership experience in the business, education and Maori sectors.

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Nicky Benson

Nicky is an experienced business woman, consultant, facilitator and coach. Nicky has assisted many organisations in aligning individuals and teams towards building resilient and sustainable ways of working. She delivers tailored workshops in resilience, authentic leadership, communication and coaching skills and building high performing teams.

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Nigel Latta - ONZM

His particular gift is blending real world pragmatism, the latest psychological research, and humour in an engaging and thought provoking manner that has relevance to a wide range of audiences and organisations. His specific interests include the psychology of success, dealing with difficult people, mental toughness, decision making skills, leadership, the process of change in an organisation, the ‘myth’ of happiness and stress management.

Read more about Nigel Latta - ONZM

Pat Mesiti

Pat Mesiti has been dubbed "Mr. Motivation". And for good reason! He isn't just a speaker - he is a performer. Pat Mesiti comes to life when he sets foot on stage. His energy is incredible, drawing in crowds of thousands. Pat Mesiti's enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humour gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals. He is a gifted communicator and will add enormous value to any event you are organising. Dynamic - Entertaining – Unforgettable

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Paul Kernot

Paul's presentations contain both motivational and educational aspects in equal parts. Ten years of real estate practice in London formed the basis of Paul's motivation, coaching and speaking career in New Zealand. More than two decades in the sales, goal setting and motivational fields have given him a keen understanding of personal achievement and business success.

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Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins was a double winner in the 1996 NZ National Tourism Awards for “Best Marketing Campaign” and “Best Regional Development “ and was the Chief Executive at Tourism Waikato for nine years. After leaving University Paul was employed in retail, sales and sales management for several consumer goods companies. He then made the move into owning and franchising a chain of video retail outlets, selling out to his partner in 1989. Since starting his own business consultancy in 1998, Paul Watkins has helped a number of corporations in their marketing strategies, with a direct result on bottom line sales for numerous companies.

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Peri Drysdale

Founder of internationally successful brands Snowy Peak, Untouched World and MERINOMINK, will share her secrets behind her success, including the strategies she employed to position her brand globally, as well as the challenges and opportunities she has faced along the way

Read more about Peri Drysdale

Peter Biggs

Peter Biggs is Chief Executive of one of the largest advertising agencies in Australia and winner of Campaign Brief Australian Agency of the Year for a record five years in a row and prior to that the agency he worked in Wellington was voted Agency of the Year in 2002 and 2004, and he was chosen as Agency Chief Executive of the Year in 2003.

Read more about Peter Biggs

Peter Sewell

Peter has over 30 years experience in the Banking Industry specialising in business banking and now runs his own business assisting business owners, Directors and chartered accountants to identify and achieve the critical success factors required to make their businesses more profitable.

Read more about Peter Sewell

Phil O'Reilly

He is Chair of the Board of Business at OECD, based in Paris, which is the representative of businesses in OECD member states. Until recently he was a member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation based in Geneva and a member of the APEC Business Advisory Council. He is involved in the work of the B20 - advising G20 leaders. 

Read more about Phil O'Reilly

Ralph Brown CSP

Ralph specialises in the science of success. He has extensive experience in business and a background in psychology and journalism with Television New Zealand and the BBC. He is an inspirational and motivational speaker, with substance. Your attendees will leave your conference with simple, practical ideas they can use.

Read more about Ralph Brown CSP

Rob Redenbach

In addition to teaching defensive tactics to undercover narcotic police in Los Angeles and performing sell-out talks at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland, Rob has been a guest speaker at over 1000 corporate events in 23 countries.

Read more about Rob Redenbach

Robyn Fond

A dynamic speaker Robyn works with a range of companies on moving organisations from “ordinary to extraordinary”. Her assignments are diverse and include assisting organisations to set professional standards; team training, etc whereby the teams develop their own sales tracking methodology; strategic planning and writing specifications for customer service centres. She is no stranger to the challenges of demanding sales, marketing and operational environments, both for large corporates and owner-operated businesses. Expert on personalised and customised, entertaining programmes and keynote presentations on the 'brain chemistry secret' for sales, leadership and marketing. Robyn is a real livewire.

Read more about Robyn Fond

Robyn Pearce CSP

Robyn Pearce sparks contributions from tired conference delegates, provides a welcome relief from ‘death by PowerPoint’, energises them, helps them believe they can win their time battles, and gives them specific and practical strategies they can apply immediately.

Read more about Robyn Pearce CSP

Rod Oram

Rod Oram has 40 years’ experience as an international business journalist. He has worked for various publications in Europe and North America, including the Financial Times of London.

Read more about Rod Oram

Roseann Gedye

With extensive educational experience, Roseann has written and presented a number of communication programmes.

Read more about Roseann Gedye

Rt. Hon Dame Jenny Shipley DCNZ

Dame Jenny Shipley retired from NZ politics in 2002 and returned to the private sector while still retaining her intense interest in the development of leaders in NZ and globally. She is an Independent Director of a number of companies in NZ and offshore. 

Sam Johnson

He has lived his life in the public eye and built a career doing service to others. His relentless energy to mobilise people around ideas has a magic ability in building movements that matter! Farm boy turned social entrepreneur, Sam’s kaupapa is using the power of the collective to overcome the bureaucratic - shifting our belief system about what is possible.

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Shayne Thompson

After 20 years of studying sales psychology, body language, NLP, Shayne has become a leading authority on selling strategies and techniques in Australasia. Shayne has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Yellow Pages, BDO Accountants, Bayleys Real Estate and Air New Zealand. He has written over 50 workbooks on Sales, Communication and Negotiation skills and presented keynote presentations and workshops in 15 countries for a many types of industries.

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Sian Jaquet

Sian inspires and empowers business leaders and individuals from all walks of life to be more effective in their decision making, both professional and personal. Being confident enough to take responsibility for significant choices is something we all face. Her clients describe Sian as ‘real’ – as Sian tells it as it is, ‘it’ being your life, with pragmatism, humour and pinpoint perception. What do you really want out of life? It’s about making - Real Choices for a Real Life.

Read more about Sian Jaquet

Sir Ray Avery

Sir Ray Avery was named the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year 2010. The award recognises Kiwis who make a major contribution to the nation and inspire through their achievements. He was awarded the Sir Peter Blake medal for leadership in the same year. In 2011, Sir Ray was named “most trusted person” in New Zealand. 

Read more about Sir Ray Avery

Steven Saunders

Steven speaks with authority on a wide range of topics. His knowledge of behavioural psychology coupled with 26 years of practical business experience gives Steven the ability to deliver presentations that not only 'hit home' but also provide audiences with sensible ideas for getting positive results. All talks are presented in a sharp manner, punctuated with one-liners, relevant anecdotes and are supported by hard facts and research.

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Sue Edgecombe

Sue coaches achievers from around the world in identifying the keys and strategies to acquire the success, performance and happiness they desire. She shows people that success is not luck, it’s about using your internal and external resources to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. She works as a seminar leader and elite success coach and frequently speaks on the international speaking circuit, helping organisations, companies and achievers in NZ, Asia, USA and UK improve their performance and results.

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Sue Kedgley

MP since 1999, member of the Green Party and passionate about environmental and women's issues.

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Sue Lindsay

Winner of the New Zealand Young Executive of the Year, Southlander of the Year, Direct Marketer of the Year finalist and winner of the World Young Business Achievers award in Beijing China. And that’s just some of the recognition received for this inspiring New Zealander’s dynamic approach to life and business.

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Tawera Nikau

One of New Zealand’s most successful professional athletes, he has been recognised with many accolades, including being named 3 times in the Rugby League World XIII as the best lock in the world. As a businessman Tawera is a very successful property investor. He is also a director of a training company. He had his leg amputated below the knee after a motorcycle accident and competed at the Paralympics.

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Theresa Gattung

Theresa Gattung is a leading New Zealand business personality and author of her best-selling autobiography Bird on a Wire. Named in Fortune magazine’s list of the 50 most powerful women in international business several times since 2002, she was also included in Forbes’ list of the world’s 50 most powerful women across any sphere in 2006.

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Tom O'Neil

Tom has also been featured more than 150 times in various publications and media including Management Magazine, TV3, SkyTV, Next Magazine, the Dominion, Christchurch Press and the Asia Pacific Post.

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Tony Christiansen

The Scaffolding which Tony scales to present from are a stunning start to the roller coaster of emotions which Tony takes you through ,you will LAUGH you will CRY and you NEVER FORGET TONY CHRISTIANSEN!!

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Troy Hazard

Nine 'start up' companies in 16 years has got to come with some great stories! It comes with some scars too. Troy's experience in business and marketing, has given him the opportunity to address many small business, franchise and multi national groups around the world on a range of business topics. He has been Co-Host on ‘Inside Franchising’, a national TV show on Network Ten which delivers news, views and stories from the franchise community. His keynote and workshop presentations contain a combination of the information he has collected from some of the planets brightest and most successful business people, and lessons learnt from his own businesses over the last twenty years. Troy has joined Channel 9’s newest national business show, ‘Don’t Come Monday’ as the resident business expert.

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Vincent Heeringa

Vincent became founding editor of the magazine Unlimited which was his brainchild. Since Unlimited’s inception in 1998, it has won 28 journalism and design awards including three times winning magazine of the year (business and professional). After selling the magazine, creativity and innovation are his passions and he now has several business projects going.

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Wade Jackson

A master educator, his teaching style is engaging, practical, human and powerful. World leading management thinkers such as Stephen Covey and Edward de Bono praise his work.

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Winston Marsh

Marketing guru and former marketing director of several top companies Winston has had the experience at the coalface of producing results and profits that would make many people envious. Winston’s presentations are always full of fun. He has done a large number of presentations in New Zealand to all types of organisations, including lawyers and accountants.

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Zuza Scherer

As a professional speaker she focuses on Generation Y, teaching companies how to get the best from their young workforce. Most Gen Y ‘experts’ talk about the ‘them and us’ phenomenon, and theorise about this generation’s thoughts and attitudes. Zuza doesn’t speak from theory, she knows about Gen Y because she IS Gen Y. She knows the topic from the inside out, she lives and breathes it, she understands their thinking, their ideas and their motivations because they are her own. In her keynote “Y’d Awake”, Zuza shares her insider’s knowledge of Gen Y, gives refreshing, honest and uncompromising truths about her generation and supplies her audience with relevant and up to date solutions to their Gen Y problems

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Alan Patching

Inspirational speaker Alan Patching receives rave reviews from his presentations around the globe on leadership, innovation, project management, and a range of management skills including negotiation and communication. He is currently very much in demand for his presentations on the Power of Purpose in the Corporate Environment, and Leading to Build a Futureproof Corporation.

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Amanda Gore

One of Australia’s most in demand speakers, this human dynamo entertains her audience as they learn about the importance of relationships, lifestyle, communication and stress management. With a background in physiotherapy, psychology and neuro-linguistics, Amanda consults to major corporations and professional associations both in Australia and overseas. Amanda is the author of “Stress Busters” and “the Office Athlete”.

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Andrew Hoggard

Andrew has managed businesses across Australia and New Zealand and is passionate in presenting his unique thoughts on life, business and personal change.

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Ann Andrews CSP

Ann Andrews CSP is a seriously inspirational entrepreneur who teaches organisations and individuals how to learn, unlearn and relearn so they can face any change and any challenge likely to hit their lives or their business.

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Anne McKevitt

She was honoured as one of the forty Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World 2002 sponsored by Harvard, recognised by The International Herald Tribune as a World Class Entrepreneur, named by Time Magazine in 2001 as one of four International Business Leaders to Watch, placed at #30 in The Sunday Times 500 Most Powerful Britons and Forbes Magazine stated in 2003 “at the head of the pack …Anne McKevitt

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Barry Bull

With the catchcry ”No Is Negotiable” - when Barry talks, people listen. Barry is a hands-on operator and a great believer in leading from the front and keeping in touch with his customers needs, a practice he attributes to his success in retailing. He talks not as a professional speaker but as a successful small businessman with a message for others like him. Barry’s store, Toombul Music, is one the largest and most successful independent music retailers in Australia. Acknowledged as an industry leader and listed in the top 400 privately owned companies.

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Bernard Salt

Informative, witty, incisive and ‘very human’, Bernard's style is a unique blend of substance and humour. He can provide a lively and dynamic exposÚ of cultural change and demographic shifts, focusing on the outlook and implications for business over the next two decades.Basing his presentation on hard-edged numbers, Bernard reflects on the most recent demographic, business and social information available.

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Bill Boyd

In his two years as President elect and President, Bill and Lorna were based in Evanston, Illinois and travelled about two thirds of the time. They visited 40 countries and Bill spoke to many thousands of Rotarians, saw hundreds of service projects and met many influential leaders.

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Bill Butler

A past General Manager of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand until 1986, Bill has considerable business experience, is an experienced conference speaker and has produced his own radio programme.

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Bob Pritchard CSP

A different kind of business speaker...one who challenges, shocks, entertains, enlightens and educates

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Brendan O'Donovan

Brendan was appointed as Chief Economist for Westpac in May 2003.

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Bruce Cotterill

From representing New Zealand at World Life Saving, to running his own computer company and then becoming Managing Director of some of Australasia's most high profile companies.

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Bruce Couper

Bruce is the Strategic Manager for Paragon Risk Ltd, formerly known as The Investigation Bureau. Since leaving the CIB in 1988 Bruce has played a leading role in the security and investigation sectors in New Zealand. Between 1991 & 2002 he grew his own company to be the foremost provider of security site management and corporate investigative services in the country. His humourous and energetic delivery style combined with his in depth knowledge of the issues enable him to give the real story as it relates to New Zealand Businesses. He has an interesting range of topics from retail security to pre-employment vetting, white collar crime, personal safety, loss prevention etc etc.

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Charles Drace

Charles draws interesting parallels between the booms of the Renaissance and the industrial revolution and the emerging investment themes of today. He is a very interesting person and very involved with the effects of technology on all aspects of our future

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Charles Kovess

Australia’s Passion Provocateur, based in Melbourne Charles is the author of books, “Passionate People Produce”, and “Passionate Performance”. Based in Melbourne, Charles says, “throughout the world, there’s a heightened awareness of the power of passion in business”. He has been pushing the power of passion since leaving his law practice in 1993 to becoming Australia’s self styled passion provocateur.

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Chris Trotter

Has combined political journalism with political activism for nearly 20 years.

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Clive Littin

Clive began his career as a Catholic Priest before holding specialist positions in broadcasting, youth leadership training and training young adults in human resources and communication skills.

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Craig Horrocks

Craig Horrocks has extensive experience in corporate and commercial law, with special interest and expertise in the computer, logistics, manufacturing, travel and telecommunications industries.

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Craig Rispin

From age 10 he began teaching business people about the trends and technology that would change their businesses...and lives...forever!

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David Johnson

The concept behind Trends has its origins back in the 1970s when David Johnson joined journalist and broadcaster Gordon Dryden at Radio Pacific, the pioneering talkback radio station in Auckland. The success of the project led to the formation of a business, which continues and is involved in all types of media and TV businesses.

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David Kirk

David Kirk has excelled in everything he has put his hand to. A medical doctor, a Rhodes Scholar with a PPE degree from Oxford University and a stellar career as CEO of two of Australasia's largest companies. In NZ he is probably most famous as an All Black Captain, and currently the only New Zealand Captain to lead his team to win the Rugby World Cup.

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Doug Scott

Doug is a former chairperson of charitable trusts, industry associations, sports and community organisations and founder chairman of local business association, mentor for Businesses in the Community (BITC) for 13 years, Chairman of Manurewa Community Board for 9 years, and deputy Chairman of Licensing Trust for 9 years. He has been a Justice of the Peace for 14 years and has written widely in trade and business publications and taught at tertiary level.

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Dr Alan Treadgold

Dr Alan Treadgold, retail and consumer strategist, is the Global Head of Retail Strategy at Leo Burnett and Company in London, having worked at their Sydney office as Director of Research and Consulting for many years. 

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Duncan Garner

Prior to this he co-hosted a number of political and news shows on TV3, and was a 3News political reporter and editor for over 10 years.

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Grant Sidaway

Grant Sidaway visits hundreds of towns every year with interactive informative presentations relating to technology, communications and the Internet. Grant is the prime motivator helping to bring the concept to New Zealand.

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Ian Schubach

From African game ranger and expert on lions- to speaking around the world on lessons from the wild. A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Ian believes that teams, and especially business teams, can absorb and learn from the animal kingdom.

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James Bellini

Dr Bellini is a regular choice as moderator/chairman at leading conferences for business and government around the world.

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Janice Davies

BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED and changing thoughts to create more success is Janice’s core message.

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John Bishop

Formerly a journalist on radio and TV, where he was Chief Parliamentary Reporter, he moved to public relations in 1987 and built a reputation for the quality of his work and his professional leadership firstly at Consultus, then at the NZ Tourism Board, Ogilvy & Mather and ECNZ as Corporate Relations Manager. His background is in journalism, public relations, corporate communications and marketing communications including media training, corporate advisory and mentoring, public speaking and training.

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John McGrath

As Founder and Executive Director of McGrath Limited, he took McGrath Estate Agents from a lounge room start-up in 1988 to one of Australia's most successful residential real estate groups, listing McGrath Limited on the Australian Stock Exchange in November 2015.

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Juliet Pratt

Juliet’s initial career of 20 years was in banking. After years of battling chronic illness, and being a top sales person in banking, Juliet lead many underperforming bank branches to become top in sales. She was also instrumental in introducing the profiling of the bank’s high value clients.

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Keith Suter

Is one of the world’s great thinkers and communicators. A foremost speaker on global issues, as well as a highly regarded social commentator, strategic planner, writer and broadcaster, Dr Suter appears on radio an average of once per day, and is recognisable as the global issues/foreign affairs presenter on Channel 7’s “Sunrise” programme. Keith has an extraordinary mind and extensive knowledge; his expertise covers International Affairs, Law, Society, Leadership, Business, and the Future.

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Kerry Johnson

In addition to speaking, Kerry Johnson heads a personal coaching company. Professionals worldwide use Dr. Johnson and his coaches to increase business usually by 300% within only weeks. Kerry is a best selling author and speaker who presents to audiences from Hong Kong to Halifax and from NZ to New York. He speaks on such topics as “How to read your Clients Mind’, Peak Performance, How to Increase your business by 70% in 6 weeks and “Marketing to The Affluent” – how to find and sell to them.

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Kim Hill

Kim has had a long career in radio with time also spent in television. With her background in journalism, her forte' is in interviewing and getting to the heart of the subject. Kim is an excellent debater and facilitator.

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Kirsty Dunphey

Kirsty Dunphey has first and foremost always been entrepreneurial. From her start at an early age working in her parents small businesses or opening her first business at 15 – she’s had the bug her whole life. With two businesses and two part time jobs under her belt at the age of 15 to her own real estate agency at 21 Kirsty has been described as “Little bit Aussie Battler, Little bit Sassy Entrepreneur”.

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Lance Burdett

With over 20 years of policing experience, 13 of those as a crisis negotiator, Lance combines advanced communication techniques, safety awareness, and personal resilience support practices for everyday use to keep ourselves safe.

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Laurie Brenssell

Laurie has established himself as a leading seminar presenter and authority on the implementation into companies of sales and credit policies and procedures, staff development training and industry information.

Read more about Laurie Brenssell

Lindsey Dawson

Lindsey Dawson is an award-winning magazine editor who has created three major women's titles in her career - More, Next and Grace.

Read more about Lindsey Dawson

Lisa Er

Lisa Er began her food business making hummus at home for family and friends. At that time she was teaching part time and her youngest of three sons had just started school. Now she employees 30 staff and her products are sold in 92% of New Zealand’s supermarkets. The company boasts a 42% value share of the chilled dips market. Lisa’s story tells of how she grew a business from a great recipe.

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Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa was born with a physical eye defect that has shaped her life. Born into a family of sporting professionals, she wanted to understand why some people succeed while others do not and this determination led her to specialise in human performance and sports psychology. Lisa is extremely motivational, and has committed her life to help improve the lives of others. A very special lady and author of 6 books she can tailor a presentation specifically for you.

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Lorraine Smith

Lorraine Smith is a high profile Auckland based criminal lawyer specialising in Murder, Manslaughter; sexual violation; violent assaults; all drug charges; fraud; burglary; drink driving and limited licences down to charges of disorderly behaviour. She has over 30 years experience in criminal law and acts for client on a legally aided and private basis. She was the lawyer of Chris Kahui who was found not guilty after the jury sat for only ten minutes. Lorraine has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor by the Supreme Court in New Zealand and by the Supreme Courts in Victoria and Sydney in Australia.

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Louise Pagonis

For over twenty years she worked at TVNZ as a newsreader and weather presenter. 

Read more about Louise Pagonis

Maggie Eyre

Maggie's areas of specialty are presentation skills, media relations, image consultancy and personal development. Her unique ability to motivate and empathise stems from her awareness of human dynamics, personal development and over 20 years of experience working in theatre education and the performing arts.

Read more about Maggie Eyre

Margot Cairnes

Margot’s work in organisational transformation has the proven, researched capacity to turn companies around on both tight financial and time frameworks. Recently Margot has been awarded the honour of being included as one of “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century”, a credit bestowed on only 2000 of the world’s foremost contemporary thinkers.

Read more about Margot Cairnes

Mark Weldon

Mark Weldon was a distinguished scholar, Olympic swimmer and a successful businessman, all before the age of 40. Between endless laps of Olympic-sized swimming pools, he managed to complete several degrees in law, commerce and the arts from Auckland and Columbia Universities. He has worked as an attorney and management consultant in New York, and in 2005 received a Sir Peter Blake leadership award.

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Martin Grunstein

Martin speaks on customer service and works with sportsmen up to international level. Martin teaches people how to understand the ego of their clients and how to generate repeat and referral business. Martin studied psychology and marketing at University of NSW. He spent some years in sales and marketing with Colgate Palmolive before setting up Success Communications in 1985. Martin’s outstanding results with over 500 companies across more than 100 industries have made him one of Australia’s most in-demand speakers.

Read more about Martin Grunstein

Martin Snedden

Martin Snedden is an in demand keynote speaker, sharing his internationally acclaimed success story from the RWC 2011.

Read more about Martin Snedden

Martz Witty

He uses real life examples to show the things that work and the things that don't work. Martz gives great take home value.

Read more about Martz Witty

Mary Christensen

As well as her very successful business career as General Manager and Marketing Manager for large corporate companies, her sales experience, in the last ten years Mary has had over nine million dollars worth of real estate transactions (including buying and selling residential, commercial and rental properties), She has seventeen years working with direct sellers and is the author of an internationally distributed book on the topic.

Read more about Mary Christensen

Mary Hunt

Highly experienced sales trainer and speaker in the area of sales, motivation, networking, personality profiling and the ‘fit’ for the job, career and personal development.

Read more about Mary Hunt

Mary Quin

Mary Quin was one of a group of 16 tourists taken hostage in Yemen by local militants. Mary’s dramatic escape during a gun battle between the militants and the Yemen army, in which four tourists were killed and two wounded, made headline news around the world. 

Read more about Mary Quin

Mary-Alice Arthur

Mary-Alice Arthur developed and launched the concept of Event Tourism and initiated and managed the internationally recognised KiwiHost customer service programme over its first five years.

Read more about Mary-Alice Arthur

Matt Church

He is the founder and chairman of Thought Leaders and is consistently voted as one of Australia’s top conference speakers. He is the 2014/15 Australian Speaker of the Year and has recently been named one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world by E-speakers, the peak global event industry body.

Read more about Matt Church

Maurice Williamson

Maurice Williamson has been in Parliament since 1987. He was Auckland Toastmasters Club Communicator of the Year in 1993

Read more about Maurice Williamson

Mel Ingalls

Has more than 25 years experience in business and IT, often blending the two to identify strategic opportunities for the use of technology. He is a business strategist, a marketing specialist, a business mentor, an entrepreneur, and an investor.

Read more about Mel Ingalls

Melissa Clark-Reynolds

She has extensive first-hand experience in building teams and developing business strategies, and a high awareness of social responsibility in business with a penchant for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Read more about Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Michael Harrison

He built an Australian wide business designing and implementing human risk management programmes for public companies and high net worth individuals and in 1985 he founded Australia’s first private Bank which he owned in partnership with the New Zealand Insurance Group. He is now a business consultant, specialising in working with people in service businesses who want to work smarter to make more money.

Read more about Michael Harrison

Mike Sabin

Speaks on drugs in the workplace and the problems of ‘P’ – Methamphetamine and other drugs throughout society and the workplace at all levels. Employers need to be able to recognise the signs as drug use is becoming endemic through all levels of all types of businesses.

Read more about Mike Sabin

Mike Tamaki

Tourism Entrepreneur- founder of Tamaki Maori Village, which is now a family run business that employs 120 staff turning over in excess of $10 million. In 1998 Tamaki Maori Village was the Overall Supreme Tourism Award Winner at the NZ Tourism Awards.

Read more about Mike Tamaki

Neville Norman

Professor Norman is living proof that economics is NOT "dismal". He is an experienced academic teacher and researcher, business consultant and analyst, media and video performer and public speaker in over 5000 addresses to business and community groups in over 30 countries.

Read more about Neville Norman

Noel Whittaker

Noel reaches over five million people a week with his columns in newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age. He is an author of international stature and his books "Making Money Made Simple" and "More Money with Noel Whittaker", are best sellers in Australia, Great Britain, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand. He has also authored two other best sellers "Getting it Together" which is aimed at the teenage market, and "Living Well in Retirement".

Read more about Noel Whittaker

Pat Armistead

Pat Armitstead has been described as :” Australasias answer to Patch Adams”. She is a compassionate, intuitive and humourous speaker who engages and transforms audiences with her mastery of positive psychology, storytelling and improv acting

Read more about Pat Armistead

Patricia Cameron-Hill

In 1984 Patricia Cameron-Hill and Shayne Yates changed their career directions as a nurse and doctor to establish their own business in Melbourne. Since then they have inspired, informed and entertained thousands of people worldwide, with their unique presentations. Their ideas have helped people in government; professions and private industry make better use of their time.

Read more about Patricia Cameron-Hill

Paul Bolte

Paul speaks on relevant topics for today based on his personal experiences. He has been in management since he was 22 years old in Australia and came to New Zealand over 10 years ago where he held the Chief Executive role at Omegatrend before taking up the role of CEO at Bartercard New Zealand in June 2007.

Read more about Paul Bolte

Paul Hanna

Paul is living proof that if you set your goals and follow them with tenacity and perseverance, you can achieve big things. He is in constant demand as a consultant to blue-chip corporations like McDonalds’s BMW, Qantas. Author of several books including “You Can Do It”.

Read more about Paul Hanna

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson once he had the grand title of European Editor, but today he is described as a Senior Contributor to Wheels magazine or, if you prefer, ‘International Motoring Journalist’.

Read more about Peter Robinson

Peter Sheahan

Generation X and Generation Y. is one of Australia’s leading talent development experts. Working primarily as a conference speaker and consultant he has inspired more than 160,000 people across Australia. His clients include corporate giants such as The Commonwealth Bank, Panasonic and Woolworths Limited, as well as Government divisions including the Department of Education, Science and Training and the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet. He has also collaborated with some of Australia’s most respected educational providers including TAFE Queensland, the University of Technology Sydney and Deakin University.

Read more about Peter Sheahan

Ray Pitch

Ray Pitch has over 25 years experience in the computer and information technology field. He is an international speaker and seminar leader focusing on the non-technical and managerial side of information technology, encouraging organisations to examine and use technology to leverage sustainable competitive advantage for their businesses.

Read more about Ray Pitch

Ray Scicluna

His main topics focus on customer service, creating "magic moments”, company culture, and sales. He believes “people make more happen” 

Read more about Ray Scicluna

Rhett Brown

After a 2.2m fall in 2004 Rhett Brown became paralysed. He has has a new career path as a professional speaker, talking to corporate and industry groups about the consequences – the end result of a serious work place accident. This talk will amaze you with insight; candid gritty insight of how Rhett now lives and manages is daily routine. His body is broken, but the spirit and will to strive is still strong.

Read more about Rhett Brown

Richard Randerson

Rev. Richard Randerson CNZM is Dean of Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell. As Anglican priest and bishop over 40 years he has exercised a diverse ministry at the cutting edge with community, commerce and governments, both in NZ and overseas. In all such endeavours he has sought to bring a strong social and ethical dimension to policy, working with decision-makers in the private and public sectors to integrate enterprise with social concern.

Read more about Richard Randerson

Robin Daubeny

Robin Daubeny: - knows what motivation is all about. As a champion professional cyclist, one of the world’s most demanding sports, he’s lived and breathed it. As a businessman, during his 26 years with National Mutual Robin won numerous awards and established records in sales management that still stand today. In 1992 he achieved possibly the ultimate accolade in his field by being recognised as the top sales manager in the Australasian insurance industry.

Read more about Robin Daubeny

Robyn Williams

The accolades Robyn Williams receives for his knowledge and genial delivery are almost outdone by accolades in academic circles. Williams was the first and only journalist to be elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science; he has been a fellow at Oxford twice; and is a Professor at the University of Qld and UNSW. He has received 5 honorary doctorates (Deakin University, Sydney, Macquarie, ANU and UNSW). He is a science heavyweight who has a light touch with audiences.

Read more about Robyn Williams

Rodney Hide

Rodney Hide became leader of the political party ACT New Zealand in 2004

Read more about Rodney Hide

Ron Lee - CSP

Business     Other     Hoax

He is a motivational humorist, keynote speaker and executive trainer. He speaks at conferences, trains management up to Executive and Non-executive Chair level, and consults to executives and sports people globally. 

Read more about Ron Lee - CSP

Stefan Preston

Stefan Preston is one of NZ's most accomplished CEO's. He has been involved in turning around Whitcoulls, Pacific Retail Group and Bendon. He is a Business speaker with strong focus on retailing, aspects of marketing, leadership, people development and building a global brand.

Read more about Stefan Preston

Stephen Baugh

Very successful director of Queensberry and Co, a family company who now through its work on the web sells very expensive photograph albums throughout the world.

Read more about Stephen Baugh

Stephen Ogden Barnes

As Program Director of the ‘Australian Centre for Retail Studies’ (‘ACRS’), he has delivered retail education programs, retail consultancy, seminars, lectures and conference addresses both within Australia, and more widely in the Asia-Pacific region, focusing on global retail trends, retail innovation, multi-channel retailing, retail strategy and sales promotion.

Read more about Stephen Ogden Barnes

Steve Lange

How did a young man with little passion for education become one of New Zealand's leading entrepreneurial businessmen? This is the story of Steve Lange and how Tony's Tyre Service became the largest independently owned tyre company in New Zealand.

Read more about Steve Lange

Steven Hyman

Specialist retail and merchandising consultants. A New Zealander now living in Australia

Read more about Steven Hyman

Steven Nayda

Steven has extensive experience in leadership, management and improving performance through people. He is co-founder of Management and Business Education (MBE), a professional training company that conducts management, leadership and people development training across New Zealand.

Read more about Steven Nayda

Terry Debenham

Do you have any privacy issues in your organisation. What are we really allowed to divulge?

Read more about Terry Debenham

Terry Hawkins

If you ask Terry what her speciality is she will tell you PEOPLE, whether it be discussing the more cutting edge sales techniques or teambuilding, her audience walk away inspired and motivated. Australian based, she is one of those people who has such an impact on her audience that she can deliver a message that you will remember forever. She specialises in all areas of people performance including communication, team building, leadership, sales skills, conflict resolution, time effectiveness and personal development.

Read more about Terry Hawkins

Terry Williams

There is a real concern amongst leaders that their people are unfit for change, stuck or settling for average. Picture your people leaving your event energised, having actively participated in discovering in themselves new skills & confidence they can apply straight away.

Read more about Terry Williams

Walter Neilands

Business     Motivational     Other     Comedic     Corporate

If you desire an MC that will wow your audience and make them feel like they are valued and part of something truly special then Walter is your guy! After 10 years of starring on popular TV shows such as Sticky TV and Dancing With the Stars, Walter has learnt how to engage an audience and entertain with his high energy and likeability!

Read more about Walter Neilands

Brett O'Riley

Brett O’Riley is the Chief Executive of the Employers and Manufacturers Association, New Zealand’s largest business association. He is also a member of the Board of BusinessNZ. Brett is a graduate of Victoria University of Wellington, with post graduate qualifications from MIT and Singularity University.

Read more about Brett O'Riley

Dame Denise L'Estrange-Corbet

Denise is outspoken, and often sought for her opinion from fashion to politics and everything in between.

Darren Pratley

Regardless of industry, every business needs to take on new challenges or tackle entrenched issues from time to time. It could be moving off a sales plateau and breaking through to a higher level of success. It might involve re-tooling processes to operate more productively. It could mean unleashing the talents of your team to achieve more.

Read more about Darren Pratley

Davey Hughes

Davey and his wife Margaret have built a lasting outdoor clothing empire on their proudly 'made in New Zealand' brand. Davey knows a thing or two about research. The former possum trapper is the key designer for his clothing range and often manages to personally trial the wet-weather and wind-proof gear - the company now exports to 23 countries including Scandinavia, the US and Australia.

Read more about Davey Hughes

Dr Paul Wood

At 18, Dr Wood was an unemployed high-school dropout. His mother was dying of cancer, and he had turned to drugs to cope. Three days after his mother died, he killed a drug dealer who tried to sexually assault him. 

Read more about Dr Paul Wood

Hugh Hutchison

Hugh is Britain’s most successful male mogul skier and is a commentator on winter sports. He made the semi-finals at the1992 and 1994 Winter Olympic Games. He competed on the World Cup circuit for four years making ten top 25 results. He won the British senior title four times and he has three Commonwealth titles. Now he commentates and mentors.

Read more about Hugh Hutchison

James Laughlin

James has won seven world championship titles as a musician, made world history by leading his underdog kiwi team to world champion victory, hosts global leaders in his sold out high performance leadership programme and is the mental skills coach for Canterbury Rugby.

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Johny O'Donnell

Engage, inspire and entertain your team or audience with a presentation that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Johny is an in-demand international speaker who delivers tailor-made talks and keynotes aimed at disrupting the status quo and provoking innovative thinking in life and business. 

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Julia Grace

​She shares openly and honestly using her personal journey with clinical anxiety and depression, combined with an Education Psych focus all wrapped up in a whole lot of FUN!

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Karen Tui Boyes - CSP

Karen is known for her engaging, entertaining and practical presentations. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business and has been recognised as a Certified Speaking Professional – an honour held by only the top 1% of speakers worldwide. 

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Katie Wesney

Katie is a Chartered Accountant (with a personality) and a Registered Financial Advisor with more than 17 years’ experience working in the business and financial industry. 

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Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Marcus will stimulate, entertain and inspire your audience with his powerful message and creative style of delivery. He grew up on the East Coast and his father is from Te Whanau o Tuwhakairiora of Te Araroa on the East Cape, and he also has Ngai Tahu and Kahungunu tribal affiliations. His mother is a fifth generation New Zealander with European ancestry. A qualified teacher and gifted communicator, Marcus has led a number of innovative programmes addressing the learning and developmental needs of youth at risk and young offenders. Since 1996 Marcus has travelled all over the world as both a national and international representative and delegate.

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Marty Wilson

Marty has spoken to over 500,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997. In his first 12 months Marty won Australian Comic of the Year competition, appeared on the Aussie Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up. He returned home 2007 is now the bestselling author of 18 books and a powerful keynote speaker and brilliant MC.

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Nadia Lim

Influenced by her background as a clinical dietitian, Nadia is a strong advocate for creating healthy and nutritious recipes using unprocessed and natural ingredients. As a Co-Founder of My Food Bag, Nadia has helped solve the “what’s for dinner?” dilemma for thousands of kiwi families every night.

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Pic Picot

In 2014, Bruce "Pic" Picot sold his millionth jar of peanut butter.

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Ron Lee

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Ryan Castle

Ryan Castle draws on his wealth of corporate and small business experience and high performance athletics training to help business owners reach their next level of performance. He combines best practice research with hard-won experience from worlds of business and sport to deliver a game plan that gets results.

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Shamubeel Eaqub

He is an engaging and knowledgeable speaker. He is a regular and respected contributor to media, government and business sector discussions on economic and strategic matters. 

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Sir Graham Henry

Under his stewardship, the All Blacks held the Bledisloe Cup every year since 2003, won the Investec Tri Nations five times and achieved three Grand Slams against the Northern Hemisphere Home Unions. He was named IRB Coach of the Year a record five times.

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Sir Ian Taylor

Ian was brought up in a small East Coast village on the North Island of New Zealand. He was seven when electricity arrived at his home. It was 1957. The telephone arrived a couple of years later. He didn't know it at the time but three years after he got electricity at his house, New Zealand got its first computer.

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Sue Suckling

Sue is a much sought after public speaker. She is a provocative, passionate, articulate and well-researched presenter. Sue recently presented at the first ever Singularity U New Zealand Summit on The Future of Education and the New Zealand Women in Leadership Symposium.

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Therese Walsh

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Vaughan Rivett

Vaughan is a respected thought leader and presenter who has shared stories and ideas with business communities around the world reflecting many different cultures and experiences. Passionate about encouraging people to maximise the potential of technology within rapidly evolving markets, Vaughan eagerly shares how the future of life itself can deliver tangible business results today.

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Vitale Lafaele

He is a results-focused senior executive with demonstrable business acumen and key competencies in business, operational management and leadership development of teams.

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