Nats Levi

Natalee (Nats) Levi is a retired high school teacher who is best known for her involvement in the fitness and media industries.

Nats was a shy teenager who found confidence through exercise to music. Nats works for Les Mills and with this company has presented many of their classes on the international stage working as a presenter and trainer.

At 6 foot 2, Nats has had her own fitness journey with the pressure that comes from having to look a certain way to be seen as fit, learning to balance eating and training to get the best health outcomes - and throw out the notion that fitness looks the same for everybody.

She believes that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to this space.   She talks a lot about a condition formerly known as Female Athlete Triad (FAT) which is defined as a spectrum disorder of three interrelated components: (1) low energy availability due to disordered eating, or lack of nutrition relative to caloric expenditure; (2) menstrual dysfunction; and (3) low bone mineral density (BMD) which affects women who do a lot of exercise and underfuel their performance. It's a condition now renamed RED-S (Reduced Energy Syndrome)  and is not a new condition, it's known in the sports performance sector and is increasingly prevalent in fitness. 

Nats has pivoted into media, presenting the Auckland news portion of the country round-up on both “The AM Show” and “AM” on Three, as well as stories for Newshub at 6.00pm and co-presented a radio show with "Brown Buttabean"  Dave Letele on Today FM from March – September 2022.

She is overwhelmingly positive and exudes energy.  She is available either as a speaker or an MC.