Amy Scott

Trainer, Mentor, Speaker.

Inspired by many years of experience as a lawyer, Amy realised how miscommunications affected relationships in families and workplaces and thus the mental health of our people. She set out on a mission to learn how to teach effective communication to ensure our people thrived. Today, she's assisted thousands of people to overcome their mental blocks, saved relationships, built better work places and ultimately made people happier and healthier. That's her mission and that is why she continues to teach, support, mentor and inspire.


Amy brings an incredible amount of energy to her audiences.  She is an authentic speaker. Speaking from the heart, Amy takes her audience on a journey as they uncover practical exercises to overcome self-doubt, build resilience & become their best selves.

Her experience as a family lawyer, an experienced dots facilitator & world class speaker shines through as her audience rides an emotional roller coaster consisting of empathy, compassion & humour.

Enquire today & see for yourself how Amy can surprise & delight your audience.



" A brilliant performance.  Amy truly inspires her audience to take action and become world class communicators - Milo Scott   9.8/10