Julia Grace

Question: How do you tackle the vitally important topic of mental health and wellbeing at your conference, workplace or event in a way that’s not going to bring your audience down? Answer: Julia Grace!

Bringing a fresh perspective and undeniably impactful style, Julia will Engage, Educate, Encourage and even Entertain your group. Using her unique blend of Science, Story and Song, Julia draws from her lived experience with depression and anxiety, mental health qualifications, and 30 years in education. Her content is well-researched, up-to-date and grounded in practical application, her delivery is interactive, memorable and suitable for a wide range of audiences. She’ll probably make you laugh, she’ll possibly make you cry, but she will definitely send you away with practical mental health tools that you can use in your world straight away!

Julia Grace is the President of the NZ Professional Speakers Association, an award-winning International Keynote speaker, NZ Music award winner and author of ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’. An expert in the area of mental health and wellbeing, she draws from her lived experience with depression and anxiety, mental health qualifications, and 30 years in education. Julia speaks to audiences across the globe and has presented live to 14,000+ this year alone, sharing the vital skills of how to ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’.



KEYNOTE: Be Kind to Your Mind

1: Brilliant Brains: Discover brain patterns that impact our mental health

2: Grab-able Words: Learn better language for mental wellness

3: Self-Care: Take a wellbeing Check


‘Julia has the ability to captivate and engage the audience from start to finish.  Through her personal anecdotes, research backed insights and very practical and relatable strategies, Julia effectively conveys the importance of taking care of our mental wellbeing whilst setting a safe, inclusive and comfortable space for her audience to absorb her knowledge and skills.  

What sets Julia apart is her genuine compassion, understanding through lived experience, relatable stories and the HILARIOUS way she delivers her message.  Julia had us in fits of laughter through most of her presentation.  Hearing the roars of laughter was a real treat for me as the organiser.  To top it off, we were also honoured that Julia sang for us.  She has the voice of an angel and hearing her sing just seals the deal for a very successful presentation.

It was music to my ears to hear how popular Julia was with the audience and the positive impact she had.  Attendees have expressed how they felt empowered, validated and motivated by Julia.  That she was informative and entertaining with a few finishing off by saying “That was the best Conference yet”.  Now what am I to do next year! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Julia Grace as a keynote speaker/presenter for any event or organisation that aims to promote mental health and wellbeing.  Her expertise, lived experience, authenticity and ability to connect with diverse audiences makes her a true asset.’  All from Bella Mamae and her delegates, Professional Lead MHAIDS Te Whatu Ora Nov 2023

‘How do you describe ‘more than awesome’, it was so good and captivating - no-one else could’ve presented the same topic as well and as funny as Julia, I would definitely go again.’ Conference Attendee Nov 2023

‘Julia had my attention from start to finish.  I love how she immediately puts you at ease with her down to earth personality and fantastic humour which carried on throughout the day.  I appreciated her sharing her experiences with us in a very non boring way and came away feeling enlightened about mental health and how I can help others and myself.’  Conference Attendee Nov 2023

‘Julia is a brilliant storyteller. She captivated our young people with humour and stories, all while delivering strategies they can apply in their everyday lives. I loved the interactive nature of her sessions and felt she really engaged the audience. If I was to sum up Julia’s presentation it would be interactive, fun, practical, and honest.’  Sarah Van’t Hoff, Event Director May 2023

‘Julia was given the final session of the day, the hardest slot after a full on day of workshops and lunch break. She had the audience in the palm of her hand immediately. Julia skillfully used humour and honesty to share her personal story and theme of selfcare. The message resonated strongly with the audience, and provided a practical toolbox as a takeaway. Julia was by far the favourite presenter of the day.’  
Andrea Clarke, Principal July 2023