Cameron Bennett

Documentary Director-scriptwriter. News-Current Affairs content producer & presenter. Public Speaker and MC.

For much of our recent history – overseas and at home – Cameron Bennett was there reporting from the front line. He brings a wealth of affecting stories and reflections on covering some of the most influential moments in our times: from Iraq to Invercargill, Antarctica to Africa, Palestine to Paris, Bosnia to Birmingham. His stories and speech-making come with high adventure, humour and a very human perspective.

Cameron became a household name through his 25 years as a Foreign Correspondent, War Correspondent and New Zealand-based current affairs reporter and presenter with One News, Holmes, 60 Minutes and SUNDAY.  These days you can find him on the frontline of another inflection point of our times – te ao Māori.

Once a Pakeha outsider looking in, he is now very much an insider looking out - producing and directing on Te Ao with Moana and previously on Marae.  Both are weekly current affairs programmes interrogating events and decision-making through a Māori lens. 

And at a time when we as a nation are looking to come to terms with our colonial history and how to include it in the school curriculum, he is also director/writer on the challenging, and award-winning New Zealand Wars documentary series for RNZ online, featuring historian Dr Vincent O’Malley.

He’s also directed and written a string of documentaries ranging from Gallipoli to Cannabis and on an award-winning Nigel Latta series and Coast Australia with Dr Neil Oliver

Outside of journalism, Cameron was on the judging panel and Chief Judge of KIWIBANK NEW ZEALANDER OF THE YEAR category for 5 years.  He is a keen musician, playing lap steel and guitar in a number of Auckland bands.  He’s married with two adult sons.