Nadine Higgins

Nadine Higgins (nee Chalmers-Ross) is an award-winning journalist and broadcaster who first made her name as the face of television business news.

Her career since has spanned many of New Zealand’s top TV and radio shows, magazines, and newspapers.

She is currently a regular on Discovery’s 7.00pm TV show ‘The Project’, and was a financial commentator on Today FM until its closure in early 2023. She’s also helping change lives as a financial adviser helping clients with financial strategy and coaching.

She and her husband Dan have released podcasts detailing their journey on infertility.

Nadine is a highly professional speaker, MC and panel facilitator; always well prepared and amiable.


‘Charming, smart and polished’;  ‘Intelligent stitching together of all the content. What a talent, clear voice, clear articulation and professional.’;  'Excellent enquiring questions! I loved how she didn't shy away from asking the difficult ones. She was jovial and articulate- a great choice!';  'Very smart, witty, quick thinking and well articulated' - all comments above from  EMA Go Global attendees

"As always you do an amazing job – adding personality, professionalism, colour and beauty to the event" -  Hotel Industry Conference

“Nadine was well prepared, clearly she had spent some time preparing for the event which is so refreshing!  In addition she was able to think on her feet, she took notes during the various presentations and was able to add relevant pieces to the various discussions. She was immaculately presented, arrived within plenty of time and was a delight to work with. Please thank her again for me, she was an absolute natural and I look forward to working with her again in the future”. - Master Electricians Business Breakfast