Jesse Griffin

Jesse Griffin is a well known MC and comedian, as well as an entertainer with his country alter-ego Wilson Dixon

WILSON DIXON: Hailing from Cripple Creek, Colorado, country music legend Wilson Dixon is considered by many to be the finest exponent of what has come to be known as the “Cripple Creek Sound.”

Born and raised in the back-blocks of the Rocky Mountains, Wilson grew up in isolation; cut off from outside influences, technology and news, and surrounded by a large family, some cattle, several horses, a few dogs and an owl. With a number of albums under his belt, including his first album, the seminal Wilson Dixon’s Greatest Hits, Wilson has penned many hit songs many listeners will be familiar with, including “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, You Do,” “Daddy’s Drinking Again,” and “I Can’t Look At You When You’re Eating.”

Wilson Dixon is an award winning American country singer character created by comedian Jesse Griffin.
First appearing at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2004, Wilson has headlined comedy clubs and festivals throughout the UK, Europe, Ireland, Australia and NZ in the years since. Often referred to as the “cowboy philosopher,” Wilson sings heartfelt country songs and tells curly stories peppered with one-liners about his life and his large odd-ball family.
In addition to dozens of appearances on TV comedy galas and radio specials, Wilson has starred in his own award nominated TV comedy special (Wilson Dixon The NZ Tour, TVNZ, 2012) and a radio series (The Wilson Dixon Line, BBC Radio 2, 2010).

Wilson has won a number of awards both here and overseas including the Fred Award at the NZ International Comedy Festival, The Golden Chicken Award at the Christchurch International Buskers and Comedy Festival, a Spank Award for Best Musical Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and he was nominated for the Barry Award at the Melbourne International Festival.