Geoff Knight

Geoff Knight’s story is one of profound and constant transformation - a totally unique speaker and storyteller.

Weaving a tale of his journey on a road less travelled, audiences discover his early life as a bullied choirboy given little encouragement, to his time with infamous NZ bikie gang Highway 61, to international operatic tenor.

As a keynote speaker he is utterly unique; a real-life story of inspirational change, delivered with authenticity and vulnerability and combined with operatic performances that leave the audience breathless.

A former member of New Zealand’s most notorious bikie gang, Geoff weaves a narrative of ongoing transformation from bad boy bikie to stuntman and actor, to an acclaimed international opera singer and keynote speaker. Interspersed throughout the session, audiences discover heartfelt lessons that motivate and give hope.  The lessons learned are universally applicable and instantly relatable.  

The operatic interludes interspersed throughout his keynotes infuse the room with energy and delight.   Despite being a seasoned and magnetic performer, his keynotes are rooted in real, lived experience that is readily apparent.  Geoff’s bold and engaging stage presence creates an unforgettable experience for audiences that routinely culminates with a standing ovation.

Deeply intuitive, empathetic, and self-aware, Geoff has the ability to work with your organisation to achieve your outcomes and can tailor his presentation to the needs of your event.

With clients including Harcourts International, Commonwealth Bank, Goldwell, Fuji-Xerox and more, Geoff’s appeal is clear; he provides an extraordinary story delivered in an outstanding way that leaves audiences provoked, exhilarated and forever changed.


Geoff's main keynote is entitled: "Transformation Highway - My Journey on a Road Less Travelled'

➜ Start their own journey on the transformation highway
➜ Smash limiting beliefs
➜ Adopt a mindset of possibility
➜ Realise the power of encouragement
➜ Discover how self-awareness is a catalyst for personal transformation

This keynote is an ideal conference starter or closer, and includes operatic performances that are virtually guaranteed to leave audiences on a high.

Geoff Knight’s signature keynote is a story of profound and constant transformation told through the lens of his journey on a road less travelled.


An innovative, creativevand passionate storyteller who brings a powerful crescendo to the meaning of 'Transformation’  COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER, FUJI XEROX AUSTRALIA

The standing ovation will be how our people will remember Geoff. MANAGING DIRECTOR, BARFOOT & THOMPSON REAL ESTATE

His compelling story, engaging stage presence and deeply authentic elivery leaves audiences provoked, exhilarated and forever changed. Recommended to all event and conference organisers looking for an engaging speaker with talent and authenticity.  CONVENOR, FUTURE FIRM FORUM 2016