Alan McElroy

Alan McElroy is an award winning Comedian*, Actor**, Host/MC, Writer & Quiz Führer*** & is currently nailing writing in the third person.

He has performed Edinburgh Fringe, Electric Picnic (Ireland), Melbourne International Comedy Festival and has had sold out shows in the NZ International Comedy Festival.

He has hosted on live TV in Ireland & NZ and warmed the audiences of NZ’s most popular TV shows. He has also used asterisks**** to explain some stuff...Which are explained here:


*It was New Zealand Comedy Guild Best Newcomer 2011, he has won nothing since!

**A lot of acting in adverts, loads of adverts and also on stage & in a film called ‘6 Days’ with that Billy Elliot lad, released in 2016

***it’s time we bring that back, it means leader for Jaysus sake

**** Asterisks are these little star yokes, not to be confused with the Gaulish warrior, Asterix


"If it's the best of the new talent you're after, look no further than Alan McElroy...while the mic's in Alan's hand, there's no chance of getting bored"  - Concrete Playground