Johny O'Donnell

Johny O’Donnell is the founder of his own digital agency, an experienced business coach and consultant, and an in-demand international speaker, based in Motueka, New Zealand.

Engage, inspire and entertain your team or audience with a presentation that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Johny is an in-demand international speaker who delivers tailor-made talks and keynotes aimed at disrupting the status quo and provoking innovative thinking in life and business. 

His experience working with more than 1000 businesses and his popular online marketing workshops positions him as an authority on business innovation and development in our highly-competitive, ultra-connected digital world.
Johny is an accomplished speaker, who has given talks at events and conferences in New Zealand and around the world, including Australia and the United States. He’s known for disrupting the status quo and provoking innovative thinking in life and business.


Johny Commonly Speaks On:
Leveraging social media
The new world of digital marketing
Business transformation in the digital age
The future of business and technology
Bridging the generational divide in the workplace
Company culture and alignment 


“His communication style is energizing and effective - both in a one to one situation and in a group learning environment. Implementing his recommendations have benefited our business - both our bottom lines and our approach.” - DOT AND GEORGIA, OWNERS, DOVE RIVER PEONIES 

“When Johny speaks people listen, because he speaks from the heart.”  - BILLY MATHESON, CO-FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR, EXP AGENCY

“He delivered an outstanding address. It was both captivating and thoughtful. He is not just an articulate and impassioned speaker but he is also knowledgeable and pragmatic."  - DR. GEORGE HOLDEN, DALLAS, UNITED STATES 

“He has genuine mastery of his subject matter and the personal skills to deliver his message in an inspiring and compelling way.”  - NASH BILLIMORA, CONSULTANT AND TRAINER

“I love Johny's style - he is warm, positive and knowledgeable. He makes the seemingly insurmountable (for those of us who are total luddites) accessible. Johny's style and approach inspired me to go home and start implementing ideas straight away, and his pragmatic solutions helped me to see how I could leverage what I have already.”  - ROBYN MCLEOD, DIRECTOR, LEAP NZ

“Johny is undoubtedly one of Generation Y's up-and-coming leaders. Johny is very intellectual with excellent communication skills and an ability to perform at at a exceptionally high standard. His achievements for his age speak for themselves - watch out for him.”  - MATTHEW CLAYTON, CDO, MEANINGFUL