Marty Wilson

International Speaker on Change Management and Health & Resilience, Bestselling Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Marty has spoken to over 500,000 people since he first leapt up on stage in 1997. In his first 12 months Marty won Australian Comic of the Year competition, appeared on the Aussie Footy Show, and was invited to the UK to become a full time Stand Up. He returned home 2007 is now the bestselling author of 18 books and a powerful keynote speaker and brilliant MC.

But Marty isn’t just the funniest speaker you’ll hear this year, his keynotes and workshops are rammed full of scientific knowledge and takeaway tips and strategies – all wrapped up in countless laugh-out-loud stories – so your people can enthusiastically leap into the biggest stressor of business in a less painful, more productive way. 

This makes his presentations incredibly human and instantly relatable to a wide variety of audiences.



People Skills for Leading Through Innovation, Disruption and Changing Regulation

This keynote is perfect for leaders and managers working in:
•    Sectors being bombarded by the need to adapt to new technologies 
•    Businesses feeling battered by constantly changing regulations 
•    Companies in the middle of change programs being resisted by their employees
•    Projects where the goal posts are being shifted constantly, causing people to be continually unsettled
•    Sectors buffeted by the constant appearance of disrupted new business models
•    Leaders needing to convince their people of the benefit of (sometimes even the need for) new systems and structures.
•    Conference organisers wanting to energise and inspire delegates and get them to open up to the nuts and bolts of the rest of the agenda.
Some of the topics covered:

“Your business can’t embrace change until your people do.”
- Other speakers deal with change from an intellectual, left-brain perspective, like it’s a system to be laid down on top of your business. But even the best change management models often fail because they ignore the fact that they’re being implemented by human beings with doubts, fears and emotions.
- Marty helps leaders and managers to get their people embrace change on a deeper, unashamedly more emotional level, getting them to accept WHY change is necessary in the first place.

“When you refuse to change, you don’t hold onto the past, you just lose the future.”
- With advancing technology, connected customers, continual changes in regulations and the constant appearance of new, disruptive business models, accepting and even embracing  change is the ‘price of admission’ to a successful business.
- Marty teaches how you can help your people to understand that the only person stopping you from embracing change is you. All the fear is in your mind, which means the power to embrace it is in you too. 

“You can’t train people who are terrified.”
- Thanks to the forces of evolution, being scared actually changes which part of our brain does the thinking and makes us want to revert to ‘what’s always worked before’. This blocks our ability to even listen to ideas that involve remembering new steps and processes. You have to acknowledge, validate and deal with your people's fear of change BEFORE they can embrace new software, new systems or new company structure. 

“If success has a flavour, it’s not ham & pineapple.”
- Because relentless change is an undeniable truth, continually getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things is the path towards business success, and a full and meaningful life. 

“Lighten up and Lead.”
- Marty reveals the rigorous scientific research which prove that ‘staying light’ and keeping your sense of humour are absolutely essential for leaders in times of high stress. He backs this up with case studies from the British Army and Hospital ER departments.

“Conquer your biggest fear FIRST, then all the others seem tiny.”
- Marty did comedy to 5,000 people at the Reading Rock Festival, so he knows how to handle fear. In his keynote he passes on the secret strategies stand up comics use to manage fear before a gig, and how you can use them overcome the ‘fight or flight’ response – which is huge in times of change.



“Marty is the funniest speaker I've seen in a long time, but he's much more than that. He is both thought provoking and inspirational, with well researched content delivered a relatable, human way. If your team needs an energy shot to cope with the relentless pace of business these days, they need a dose of Marty Wilson." Daniel Parsons, Vice President Acquisition ANZ American Express

"Marty is the only speaker I've seen who can actually get your people to accept change and even embrace it. If your employees are fighting change, get them to listen to Marty Wilson.” Joseph Law, Director of Business Development at Asia Pacific Stock Exchange

"While other speakers approach change as a dry, abstract process, Marty teaches from a uniquely empathetic, deeply personal angle.”  Jane Kittel, General Manager - Customer Experience at Westpac

“While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from all other speakers.” John Paul Pullicino, Commercial Lead - Global Brands Pfizer

It takes extraordinary skill to combine detailed scientific research with influential and actionable suggestions for embracing change into an entertaining evening that is casual, yet engaging at all levels. Adrian Bootes, CEO, Association of Regulatory and Clinical Scientists

"Engaging, empowering and funny. Marty's story is full of passion, energy and insights into him that force you to look deep within yourself.  If education, inspiration and motivation are what you need, Marty is your complete solution!"  Andrew Mikhail, Director, Client Management Australia, American Express

"Marty is the funniest serious bloke in the business. He makes me laugh but also challenges me to think."  Anh Do, Comic, Actor, Bestselling Author



“I’d recommend Marty Wilson as an awesome MC for any event. He is calm, professional, incredibly easy to work with and instantly bonds with the crowd. He’s also flexible and happy to take on any challenge – at our event he actually compared two rooms at once, with the second staggered 15 minutes behind, and you could tell he loved he loved it. You can see all those years working as a comic in the UK as soon as he’s up on stage.

Where he gets his energy from I don’t know, but he has a sixth sense for knowing how to transfer it to the crowd and keep your conference bubbling along. When you add to that his ability to do one of his own keynotes, that slot in anywhere on your program, he is also incredible value for money.”  Louise Chamberlain, Director of Marketing and Business Building Programs, Kao Australia

“Marty kept the entire evening moving along with his humour, while maintaining the focus on the fund raising purpose of the function. He read the night well, kept everyone engaged and he made an important contribution to the success of the evening.” Max Gosling, CEO, Cure Cancer

“Thank you Marty Wilson, MC Extraordinaire. You ran the night seamlessly, took a noisy, rowdy crowd and controlled them beautifully and left all our members feeling so warm and welcomed.  The UK Comedy Club Joke Competition was something I’ve never seen an MC do before, it was an absolute hit with the crowd, you engaged with everyone in the room, got heaps of laughs and made them all feel part of the act.

Your consummate professional attitude took so much weight off my shoulders, allowed me to actually enjoy myself, and helped make our night a huge a success – the Board, CEO and guests all raved about the night and your MC skills. Feedback included compliments on how the event was kept running to a tight schedule and that you were very entertaining and comical – great praise indeed! I will be happily recommending you to event organisers in my circle and I hope we can work together again soon.” Jo Hitchin Events Coordinator, Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association

“The light hearted yet thoughtful approach was the highlight of the conference. We are delighted with the extremely positive feedback we have had.”  Debra Cerasa, CEO of the Royal College of Nurses