Billie Jordan

How do you inspire a large team of people aged 65 to 95 years old to embrace an outrageous goal of becoming competitive hip hop dancers and, in just eight months time, perform at the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas?

What do you do when they don't like hip hop, are resistant to change and aren't committed to the goal?

Billie Jordan shares her leadership lessons and personal story to show that, with a focus on the end goal and the ability to change mindsets, anything is possible at any age!

As the founder of the oldest hip hop dance group in the world, the Hip Op-eration Crew, Billie shows how she used her leadership skills, traumatic life experiences (including the deadly Christchurch Earthquake in 2011) to bring a renewed sense of purpose and joy to a group of strangers in her community. Billie's story is unique, very engaging, impactful and truly inspiring. There are many laugh-out-loud moments and some tear jerkers too!

Billie was awarded a Queens Honour in 2016, was New Zealand Woman of the Year in 2016/2017 and won the New Zealander of the Year award in the Local Hero category in 2015. She has spoken at prestigious events around the globe including Scotland, Canada and Australia and has delivered a Ted Talk to critical acclaim. She is the star of an award winning feature documentary film Hip Hop-eration, which has screened in cinemas all over the world, and now Hollywood plan on making the story of her life into a movie.

Presentation Duration

Billie prefers to speak for 45 minutes with another 10 minutes to teach the audience some hip hop dance moves from their seats and another 5-10 minutes for Questions and Answers. However, if you are pressed for time. Billie can speak for just 30 minutes.


  • "Billie Jordan's speech was amazing - she totally blew everyone away! Her presentation was exceptional and we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback especially about Billie's presentation. She set the tone for a fantastic day and was truly amazing. She deserves all the accolades she receives." Queenstown Chamber of Commerce
  • Billie was the highlight of our three-day conference. Her keynote address was amazing and the workshop she ran for staff the following day has received rave reviews from everyone lucky enough to attend. An incredible speaker for any event!" Activ8, Scotland
  • "Mindset can be very challenging for many people to really connect with and understand in relation to themselves as leaders, and Billie's presentation did such a great job of bringing that to life. Her energy, authenticity and natural presence also lifted the people in the room, and was such a great way to start. Billie's personal story and what she has achieved is also of course truly inspiring, and shows great courage and fortitude."


  • "Billie's presentation really hit home how important your mindset is in tackling tough problems and being a high-performing leader." HCC Leaders Day
  • "Billie is an inspiration! She received a well-deserved standing ovation! I am sure she will be invited back by many of our colleagues!" Alberta Continuing Care Association, Canada
  • "Captivating! Engrossing! Our staff love hearing Billie's story so much we have had her speak at three different events now and she's also run a workshop at two different team building days. An amazing speaker who makes us laugh and cry every time!" Pepsi, Australasia
  •  “Still on a high from yesterday; what a positive and inspiring person Billie Jordan is!” Queensland Police, Australia
  • "Billie was absolutely wonderful and from all the feedback since, people are still considering so many of the pearls of wisdom and inspiration she gave us. We can't thank and praise her enough." Sky City 
  • "Billie was fantastic! She has a great story to tell and she told it really well. It goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to something and she has certainly made a difference. She had everyone captivated and in fits of laughter with her stories, she has passion, drive and a real desire to help people. She is going to continue to do great things and we would have no problems recommending her to others." Backpacker Youth and Adventure Tourism Association
  • ​"We very much appreciate Billie opening our conference with such energy and authenticity. The response to her keynote presentation has been hugely positive. Billie's messages about innovation, ‘can do’ attitude, looking for the gold in people, and never giving up resonated very strongly with members of our sector. Conference participants used the words “inspirational,” “fabulous,” and “visionary” to describe her and her work and said she was an “awesome, inspiring speaker.” Adult Community Education
  • ​"Her vision bought out of hardship was inspirational, and the crew magic. When I saw the movie last year (my favourite movie of the year) I vowed to grow old disgracefully. Billie and the dance team have shown people how to live instead of waiting to die. They can all hold their heads high and be proud of their amazing achievements. There is so much that is wrong with our care of the elderly in most ‘civilised' countries, and Billie is addressing it in a very personal way."


  • ​​"Thank you again, the staff are still on cloud nine, so inspired and almost daily we receive comments about how fantastic it was – both the crew and Billie's speech – she truly has an amazing story to tell and has touched our people immensely." Sovereign Insurance
  • "I saw Billie and her crew at the conference (and I'm watching the documentary that was on prime last night as I write this)...  I felt compelled to write this email and tell you Billie is amazing!!  I loved hearing her speak and seeing what she has achieved with the group is nothing short of amazing. Keep eating up life!  Well done."


  • "I wanted to say thanks so much for Billie's speech and performance last week. It was a standout and is getting such great feedback. Also, personally it was great to meet Billie  - I think she is an amazing lady!" Spark
  • "Billie has been the talk of the audience since her presentation, as she not only relayed her entertaining experiences with The Hip Op-eration Crew but has prompted the audience to review their own approach to 'the grey tsunami' and how they themselves want to approach their future. She has raised our awareness which is much more than being just entertainment.  An excellent speaker with a relaxed style and very entertaining. We unreservedly recommend Billie Jordan." Zonta
  • "Absolutely brilliant! We loved Billie's presentation so much we hired her again for a second conference!" Southern Cross
  • "An amazing evening with Billie. Everyone had a blast and are still raving about it many days later." iSite Wellington
  • "Billie was the highlight of our conference without doubt." Rural Women's Network
  • "Amazing! Everyone loved Billie and her dance crew - so inspirational!" Triton Hearing
  • "Great presentation - inspirational story. Billie was the highlight of our conference and everyone is continuing to talk about it." InterMed
  • "Absolutely amazing - an unforgettable presentation! Everyone loved it! A great fit for any event. Thank you so much!" Driving Miss Daisy
  • "Billie has such a great story to share - so inspirational! We've had lots of fantastic email feedback from the JP's who attended the event to hear Billie and it's only been one day since she presented!" Auckland Justices of the Peace Association
  • ​"Thank you so much once again for having Billie speak at our conference last night. Everyone absolutely loved her presentation and her dance crew's performance – today the office is abuzz with how amazing they all were." Lotto ​​ ​​
  • "The session from Billie Jordan was inspiring, a great true story about changing mindset, how it can be done for yourself (after all you can change your mind!) and that of others using determination, asking why (or why not) and sticking to the plan"


  • "Loved the Billie Jordan session - this will stay with me forever!"   City Council
  • "Billie was absolutely perfect and we are so pleased that we had her presenting for us. Her talk was both moving and inspiring and she really took all of us watching (staff, residents and guests) on the journey with her. The content of her presentation was meaningful whilst still being entertaining and it was perfectly tailored to our audience. We wouldn’t hesitate to have her present in other villages in the future." Summerset Retirement Villages
  • "​Incredible! Billie and her dance crew attracted huge crowds to Te Papa over the two days - it was standing room only. It was an outstanding success and everyone loved it. Highly recommended!" Te Papa
  • Thank you Lisa And Billie.  Billie, you were phenomenal. Everyone was so touched by your story! Thank you for sharing your life story.  You have such an amazing energy and presence! You really light up a room!  Thank you Lisa for al your help! I was great working with you too!"  CFFC