Simon Mundell

Specialist in Business Strategy and Execution

Simon works with companies globally to implement research based business frameworks and tools to fuel growth.

Simon’s presentation exposes participants to some surprising thinking and he provides a fresh perspective on how to engage everyone in an organisation to EXECUTE the company strategy.

Research clearly shows that there will be more change in the next 20 years than there has been in the entire history of civilisation. Simon will demonstrate why in this unprecedented era of change the deciding factor will not be ‘business as usual’, but rather your ability to review, implement and execute strategy.

Simon distils leading edge research from some of the worlds smartest business minds, combined with many real-world examples of businesses achieving impressive and documented growth.

The combination of research, examples and tools will influence the way your organisation executes.

Simon will demonstrate that you cant grow your business, only your people can and he will provide you with a framework to achieve this.

Here’s your chance to learn directly from Simon and the fascinating research he’ll be sharing with you around how you can capitalise on the rapidly changing world we now live in.



Following are some of the comments from his recent presentation to the EO Key Executive Program at MIT in Boston where Simon was the highest rated speaker receiving a near perfect score of 9.89

  • LOVED it! So much info, great pace, engaging speaker w/ excellent examples to drive points home!
  • Could not have been better in content and delivery!
  • Can use this tomorrow! Great - lots of information
  • Simon's energy and enthusiasm was a great way to start the day. He covered a lot of content but managed to make each point resonate. His examples aligned perfectly to each key point.
  • I can use these tools in my business tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back to the office and implement it.
  • Valuable, applicable and useful. Now the 3rd time I've seen Simon this year and I could watch, listen and learn again tomorrow!
  • I learnt more practical knowledge and tools than I did in my entire MBA degree!