Shayne Thompson

Sales, Negotiations and Communications Specialist with over $12 billion in Sales

After 20 years of studying sales psychology, body language, NLP, Shayne has become a leading authority on selling strategies and techniques in Australasia. Shayne has worked with companies such as Microsoft, Yellow Pages, BDO Accountants, Bayleys Real Estate and Air New Zealand. He has written over 50 workbooks on Sales, Communication and Negotiation skills and presented keynote presentations and workshops in 15 countries for a many types of industries.

Shayne is now based in New Zealand and amongst other roles has been responsible for the training and development of 1200 sales people for Bayleys Real Estate. During the past 10 years he has helped this corporate to increase their sales revenue from 4 billion dollars to 12 billion dollars with each salesperson earning three times the industry average.
Utilising his mastery of NLP, body language and intuition, he will have you glued to every word he says. His secrets of sales mastery and communication will be explained in detail and will show you step by step how to build rapport, develop trust and make more profitable customers for life.   Aside from the practical applications of his techniques, audience members will be floored when Shayne demonstrates how to read people like an open book and discover their inner most thoughts. Examples include revealing someone’s credit card pin or their first ever love in such detail you will swear he’s known these people all his life.
Shayne’s interactive displays of psychology, power of influence and persuasion opens a level of human consciousness which is simply jaw dropping.  If you are looking for a more light hearted entertainment performance then look no further.
As one of the most outstanding psychological entertainers today, Shayne Thompson can provide a sophisticated and breath-taking interactive performance that will blow your audience away leaving everyone inspired as to the powers we all can possess as individuals.  This will be a talking point of your event. It’s not a comedy nor is it a magic act – it’s a demonstration of special abilities – it’s an extraordinary experience.


Essential Communication Skills
How to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds
How to use Influence and Persuasion
MC or Master of Ceremonies
Negotiation Mastery
Phenomenon The Show
Presentation Skills Mastery
The Psychology of Selling
Cultural Intelligence
The Psychology of Selling - Are you a sales maker or simply an order taker. Learn the secrets that make people want to buy more of your product or service.
Essential Communication Skills -Discover how to influence people in meetings, presentations using Body Language, NLP and other techniques.
How to Build Rapport in 30 Seconds -People make their mind up about who you are and if you are trustworthy in seconds. Learn how to make a good first impression.
Negotiation Mastery - Every day we negotiate in business. Learn how to win a negation every time with these simple techniques that generate results and keeps you in control of the situation.
Presentation Skills Mastery - If your role requires you to speak to groups of people or you have to present sales and marketing ideas to your clients, customers or staff, I will show you how to increase cut through and present your message in a clear, concise and dynamic style.
How to use Influence and Persuasion - The ability to influence people is a vital skill in the real world. It allows you to help people to do better or encourages them to see things from your point of view. Ideal for sales, sales management and other front line staff.
Phenomenon The Show - Witness an amazing performance of mentalism and other psychological stunts. This will be a talking point of your event. It’s not a comedy nor is it a magic act – it’s a demonstration of special abilities – it’s an extraordinary interactive experience that will blow your mind.
MC or Master of Ceremonies - With a sparkle in his eye and his sharp and witty gift of gab, he will keep the event energised and on time for the entire event.


What a great way to go into a training session thinking that I know my weaknesses and strengths and to have them totally torn apart and re-arranged is amazing for me to be able to be a part of. Shayne the way in which you can relate to people and adapt to the situation and personalities is impressive to watch and you would be a hard negotiator to deal with.  Fi Harper

Shayne is engaging and presents in a manner that is fun and memorable. The constant changes in pace and tone kept my attention and ensured I was able to retain course materials. It has left me with the desire to keep learning, in order to expand my knowledge. The challenge for me now is to implement what I have learnt and take my business to the next level.  Brad Wallis

In my previous profession, I went to many courses/workshops at various places around the world, and none were so specifically designed, so well presented and run, as yours.  James Ross

I have been to many sales training workshops over the years but never have I found the information that was in the course so applicable to not only the subject we are involved in but also every day life. Your presentation and delivery was superb. When you could see some of the participants attention waning you would change to something fun where their attention came back and lifted their spirits. When I was first told that the course would take four days I thought it may have been a bit of a over kill but it certainly wasn’t at all. I looked forward to every morning to see what new things you were going to test and make us think about.  Laurie Bell

Often I come back from workshops with bits and pieces of information worth remembering. I came home from the Sales Success Workshop overflowing with ideas tips and scripts all crucial to my business. Shayne was an excellent mentor, making Sales Success humorous, light-hearted but very much to the point. Shayne works in a way that gets information through to us in an unforgettable manner. I highly recommend Shayne’s sales training to any salesperson no matter what they sell.  Taylor Mant

Thanks for an invaluable four days.  By sales standards, I enter the industry as a novice.  The past four days have empowered me beyond what I expected.  In particular, the negotiation skills workshop and the 'objection' training have armed me with valuable tools and more confidence to engage effectively with clients and prospective purchasers. You challenged us to confront our thought processes and habits by applying psychological principles simply and effectively.  Your enthusiasm was infectious and you engaged with us throughout, mixing it up and achieving a great balance of information and interaction.  Rose Thomas

Your training program was the best I have seen in my 10 years working for global FMCG organisations who are always massive on training. Your sessions were funny, direct and very well researched. Your approach – knowing the specific issues we have to deal with, providing the answers, and making us laugh along the way is exactly how a Sales workshop should be.  Chris Reeves

I have been on many sales training courses over the last 15 years. These courses have been of an exceptional high standard and held not just in Australasia but also, Asia, Switzerland and US. The course I attended last week was one of the best I have ever attended.  The content was outstanding and has changed the way I sell. Your humour and demonstrations of the mind were mind blowing to say the least.  Jillie Clarke

As a result of your sales Psychology training, I am enjoying one of the busiest months ever—in a so called recession—I have closed at least four deals this month all in excess of $1,000,000.   Robert Ashton

Normally after all these years, most sessions are just a different slant on developing the basics and adapting classic trainers like Brian Tracy, Dirk Zellar etc. However Shayne, well done your course was inspirational, truly innovative, fresh, motivational and with all due respect, simple to follow and adapt. Jon Laidlaw   I have been involved in Sales for 17 years and attended numerous sales courses but never have I come away from a course feeling so totally enthused and motivated with new insights and tools to help me achieve my true sales potential.    Yvonne Ballantyne

I felt the Negotiation Skills Workshop was one of the best ever delivered. The amount of fantastic information is without peer and certainly encompasses the best of the very best war stories and scripts from the selling profession. Thanks again Shayne. It was one of the best days of training I have attended for many years.  Shane O'Brien LWP Property Group Pty Ltd

You had everyone's full attention for the full hour and a half and in hindsight, wish that I had booked you for longer.  The audience participation is always a winner and had people still talking about it over the remainder of the weekend, and I know that the delegates all left feeling far more motivated than when they came in.  Diane Mitchell, Industry Management