Sian Jaquet

Executive Coach and Television Presenter

Sian inspires and empowers business leaders and individuals from all walks of life to be more effective in their decision making, both professional and personal. Being confident enough to take responsibility for significant choices is something we all face. Her clients describe Sian as ‘real’ – as Sian tells it as it is, ‘it’ being your life, with pragmatism, humour and pinpoint perception. What do you really want out of life? It’s about making - Real Choices for a Real Life.

Sian has a way of bringing clarity and resolution using her Foundations™ approach to cut through the fog. Her simple tools and disarming way of uncovering the truth has helped countless people and companies discover more confidence, better relationships, improved work/life balance and overall success and productivity. Sian’s approach is highly sought after with executives seeking to improve their companies using a values approach to grow their business.

Sian brings about lasting change by being brave enough to address the real issues that hold so many of us back. It’s about discovering what we could have, not what other people say we should have. Sian describes it as being “a development strategist to define your best life.” Sian filters through the information overload we all face, in order to define the essentials we need to live well and make the right choices for today’s world.

Outside from her day job as an international executive coach, Sian writes, is an occasional talkback host and a presenter and producer of several TV programmes.

In her primetime series for TV3 ‘The Big Stuff’, Sian helped families cut through some fundamental personal or relationship issues by sorting out their the physical stuff in their homes that was holding them back. This was a truly inspiring and thought provoking series.

In her most recent TV series ‘Starting Over’, Sian has empowered eight women find new confidence and happiness in seeking fresh career opportunities after either taking a break from employment or realizing they wanted a life with more purpose.

Sian has gained her skills at the real coalface of life, helping those too vulnerable to have a voice in society. With a background as a residential social worker working with some of the most challenging youth in secure environments, a teacher and head of inspection for Social Services in the UK, Sian has seen the world from many perspectives. Sian now holds a Government appointed position, as Chair of the Grievance Panel at New Zealand’s largest Adolescent Secure Unit, Korowai Manaaki.

Sian has a natural compassion and warmth, but is equally a realist; she is someone who shoots from the hip, is great at thinking on her feet, and communicates with honesty, integrity, humour and great stories. The diversity of Sian’s experience means she is as comfortable talking in a company boardroom as she is to adolescents in prison.

Sian Jaquet is a walking example of someone who has embraced change and overcome many significant personal challenges. She has been happily married for 25 years and survived launching three children into adulthood.

Her philosophy is that we should all do whatever we can to improve the relationships we have, both personal and professional, to make the world a better place. In this, Sian truly is real.



"Sian Jaquet is incredibly good at what she does because she is authentic. She inspires and enables people to make lasting positive change through skillful, genuine, no-nonsense techniques delivered with warmth, humour and insight."

"Sian Jaquet is the kind of speaker who can keep a group engaged for hours and feel regretful that they have to leave at the end of it. Her passion for creating lasting positive change is contagious and her solid, tested techniques give audiences real tools to make those changes."

"Sian connects with people, no matter their age or life circumstances. That connection comes from courageously sharing her own life journey and her genuine passion for enabling others to create lasting positive change in their own lives."

Sarah Morgan – Head of WIFT (Women in Film & Television)

"Great speaker.  Very inspiring" - Kelly Robertson - NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants