Gilly Chater

Gilly “Equips People for Life!” – She’s an award winning Inspirational Speaker whose presentations are recognised as being thought provoking, inspiring and transformational. She is also a Facilitator of Change and an Executive Coach.

She has over twenty-five years of global experience in leadership and culture change. For the last 20+ years she has specialised in presenting the new paradigm she calls the Effortless Leadership Paradigm™ which is about simplifying how the mind works. 

Gilly is a Past President of the Auckland Chapter of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand and many of her clients are long-term as she keeps relevant and provides what organisations need through pre-event briefings.
In 2018 she faced a major health challenge, yet through her understanding of how the mind works, and what could have hindered her recovery, she was back presenting again in a matter of a few months. She demonstrates through her stories, and with humour, how when we overthink the result is likely to be lack of productivity, stress and anxiety.
Gilly says: “We often see other people living effortlessly and easily, and wonder if we can ever do that ourselves. The answer is, yes you can, if you understand how your mind truly works. Once you understand that, everything else becomes easy and simple. Understanding this new paradigm, and its implications, is ground breaking for individuals and organisations”.
When you book Gilly you can expect:
an inspirational speaker who loves interacting with the audience
her stories to provide important messages for leaders at all levels
presentations that are entertaining, that challenge people’s thinking, are thought provoking leading to powerful insights
a speaker who likes to mix and mingle with delegates before and after her session
feedback such as: ‘Insightful and a life-changing experience, ‘Simple yet Profound’
      ‘I realised what causes my worry and anxiety’.  ‘I wish I’d learned about this years ago’. 
Key message: Change is from the inside-out, not outside-in and the source of that change is insight!  More real ‘aha’ moments are the answer in every aspect of life.



Delegates learn a simple, long term solution to experience life with more ease, clarity and confidence - whatever the circumstances. They are able to access their innate resilience rather than working with coping strategies. This has the potential for peace of mind, clarity and confidence in situations that used to be stressful, difficult or overwhelming. Life becomes Effortless rather than Effortful! 

Have you ever wondered how your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is perceived by others? Or have you seen others leading with ease and hoped you look the same? The intellect (IQ) and intuition (EQ) are vital components for any human being.  Leaders cast a shadow over their teams and organisation.  Unfortunately, so much weight has been put on the intellect and the importance of analytical thinking that intuition is being overlooked. When people overthink and over analyse, it also leads to poor decisions. Leaders need to bring out the best in themselves so they create an environment to bring out the best in others. This applies in all areas of life – at work, as a parent and a volunteer. In this presentation, you will learn how the mind truly works and how you can lead effortlessly.  

Insight is the source of change. It’s also the source of new thinking.  Leaders and their teams need to be Cool – relaxed, yet focused (rather than rushed and making mistakes), Calm under pressure - able to handle challenges that face them and their organisation, and Creative – the ability to come up with new ideas and solutions, especially when the old ones don’t work.  Creativity and Innovation are essential for both individuals and their organisations to thrive in the fast-changing environment. The importance of the power of insight can’t be underestimated and this presentation is about understanding the secret to become “insight-rich”.


Conference breakout workshops provide the opportunity to go deeper and allow for interaction with the attendees. These workshops are excellent to expand upon a keynote. They are practical and adaptable to any environment.  They also cut across all cultures making it easier for people to relate to each other.


Thank you for the inspirational presentation you gave on Resilience.  It has always been an important emotional skill for people in our industry, and it’s also one of hardest to train and develop.  I couldn’t be more appreciated for your generosity and passion.  The feedback was really positive.  We have also received your “key takeaway note cards”, which I have given out to all the attendees.  Pauline Chu, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network, Hong Kong

Gilly Chater was our Keynote Speaker at our Trans-Tasman Sales Conference. The audience of 50 strong willed sales executives - together with the Management Team, were enthralled by Gilly's carefully prepared, relevant and insightful content. She had researched our specific industry and the audience, accordingly held our team's attention while winning their trust. This has resulted in significant revenue gains with our Australian results where a young sales team benefited with the confidence gained from Gilly's effortless delivery.  The connection to the team has been so effective, and we have since enjoyed ongoing positive development of the team via workshops and one on one coaching from Gilly, as requested by a number of our team.  We are thrilled with the results and engagement at every touch point from Gilly's input.  Ben Moir, Managing Director, James Dunlop Group

Your keynote presentation on leadership built on our 70th Anniversary Conference theme of “Building Future Heroes” perfectly.  It was really well constructed, presented in an entertaining and professional manner, and contained insightful and thought provoking messages on personal development and leadership.  We also appreciated your willingness to conduct a break-out workshop with our young emerging leaders and again the feedback was excellent.  Eddie Devine, President – Plastics New Zealand

We have been a long-term client of Gilly Chater.  I asked her if she would be able to do a presentation off site at our Sales conference with our sales team.  Gilly and I spoke for about one hour on the phone before we all met at our conference. Once again Gilly nailed it!  Our team is very mixed in ages and gender, youngest being 23, and the oldest 57, approximately 50/50 split male/female.   When we did the recap every team member said they wanted to do more work in this area of effortless selling.  The one thing that is never lost on me with Gilly is how sincere she is, always thanking me for trusting her with our teams.  In this day and age this is priceless.  I asked Gilly to start some coaching with the leaders of the sales and marketing team.  The feedback from those leaders has been 100% positive. Both have commented on Gilly's ability to hit the nail on the head in their coaching seasons.  Steve Sharpe, Managing Director, Hansen Products

Gilly presented both a workshop and keynote at our annual Tonic Conference. This event is for managers of non-profit organisations and attracts delegates with a wide range of knowledge and experience. Gilly was well prepared and delivered a professional, polished presentation.  Comments included; “So inspirational, it challenged my thinking”, “Good energy and obviously a professional”, “She gave me some useful things to think about”, “She clearly knows what she’s talking about”. I have no hesitation in recommending her for future speaking engagements.  Kerri Tilby-Price CEO, Exult

Your keynote was informative, inspirational, and accessible.  Your personality shone through, and you made intimate connections with your audience right through the keynote.  The proof of the pudding is in the feedback that we received from participants. There was so much to take away and apply for both myself and others. I encourage others to use your prodigious skills and life-changing abilities.  Lorna Murray, CEO, Connect SR