Cath Vincent

Cath Vincent will show you how to "Wake up your WOW" and become more motivated, more productive and more effective.

For over 20 years Cath Vincent has been inspiring business leaders and sales people to learn the tools of change that will revolutionise their personal effectiveness.

Those tools are to

• Master yourself – how to operate at maximum motivation, energy and confidence every day; a great shake-up to get even better results from yourself or your people with very simple micro-changes~~~

• Influence others – how to get your message across in meetings or presentations so that others are inspired to respond favourably and/or take action~~~ …or put another way, how to Wake Up Your WOW!

Cath has created dramatic results in a myriad of sectors Including government, manufacturing, franchises, IT, and defence. An experienced business consultant, mentor and motivational force, she inspires change through speaking at conferences, training in small groups, and mentoring.

“I’m passionate about helping people make a one degree shift for dramatic, lasting results. There are plenty of great speakers and coaches who can provide a surge of motivation but that’s like a short-term sugar rush. I’m talking about a lasting upgrade in your thinking and behaviour.”

“I help talented people unleash their potential to operate much more effectively, much more of the time.  The result? More sales, greater productivity, and improved morale".

The diversity of Cath’s experience means she can relate to any individual, sector or business issue. Amongst that diversity, she has: launched her own businesses in the UK, Australia and New Zealand; started her own software company which won a DTI award for innovation with its very first product; managed a successful £70m bid for the Ministry of Defence; run change management programmes for government; and been an influential communicator on contentious infrastructure projects. “I light the touch paper and watch a person’s passion and potential fire up,” says Cath, “more importantly, I give you motivational tools and techniques that last long after we’ve met to create profound and lasting change.” Even in a conference, every person in the audience can commit to a micro-change today. By making simple micro-changes in your personal effectiveness and professional influence you can get exceptional results.

In 2013, Cath created "The Cath Vincent Show" on Face TV.  It is an uplifting weekly TV show for anyone who knows they have untapped potential and wants tips and inspiring stories to help them live better professional and personal lives.  The show consists of three interviews and a live music slot.  Interview topics will include anything and everything that will contribute to long-term success and boost energy levels, confidence and motivation on a daily basis.


"Cath was very energetic and comfortable on stage.  She kept our audience of 170 people entertained and engaged for the entire hour.  She was an excellent motivational speaker for our team and gave us all something to take away and work on".  Tania Jackson, Tetra Pak