Geoff Wake

Geoff Wake is a speaker, trainer and coach working with individuals and teams wanting to operate at the top of their game.

He works with people who are ready for change, ready to take things to the next level and with a desire to be the best they can be. Geoff's clients want to live and work intentionally, blow out excuses and limiting emotions, cope better with the life’s challenges and tap into their most resourceful states to unleash their full potential. 

Geoff Wake is a certified Neuro-Semantic Master Practitioner and Trainer, accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), Colarado. He is also an Associate Certified Meta-Coach accredited by the Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF), Sydney. Geoff was trained directly under Dr Michael Hall PhD, co-founder of the ISNS and MCF. Geoff is also qualified in the DISC Behavioural Model, a Workplace Values and Attributes Analyst and certified in the TTI TriMetrix HD Benchmarking System. At the foundation of Geoff's transformational work is Neuro-Semantics and Self-Actualising Psychology.

These multi-disciplinary fields stem from the study of wellness and how psychologically healthy people are motivated, change, learn and develop. The models used in NS empower people to direct their lives in line with their highest intentions and meanings. His clients are able to bring more meaning to the things they do and to do more of what is meaningful to them, resulting in greater resilience and higher performance. With a background in hotel management, tourism and hospitality, Geoff has been operating his own businesses for the last two decades and been consulting, coaching and training since 1996. He has worked for many the New Zealand’s best known companies helping to improve engagement, and performance. Geoff works with both front line teams and with managers to ensure cultural and behavioural change is achieved in recognition of the link between the two when it comes to changing cultures and behaviours. Geoff resides in Auckland with a home on Waiheke Island. He is a keen mountain biker and skier and has been an active Rotarian for the past 9 years.


Geoff will tailor his key note The Power of Focus to suit a range of audiences including:

  • General audience
  • Managers and Leaders
  • Sales and service teams
  • Business Owners


Your presentation was absolutely superb and very well received both from our HCB staff and Battery Town network. – HCB Technologies/Battery Town

Geoff was an amazing speaker and had everyone’s attention from the moment he started his talk until the end. – Gibbs Mills Livingstone Lawyers

Best speaker I have heard for a long time...well pitched, great energy. – Enterprise Franklin