Darryl Lovegrove

Darryl Lovegrove (Australian Entertainer of the Year 2012) is a versatile performer. He is an MC, an entertainer and a keynote speaker and excels at all three.

Darryl has been wowing corporate, theatrical and event audiences for over 20 years with his powerful voice and charisma. Having a truly talented singer who can perform in almost any musical style and also skilfully MC an event is a sure-fire way to keep your guests well entertained.

As an MC, Darryl enters singing "The Toreador" song from the opera Carmen. A dynamic, uplifting and surprising way to start the evening, this immediately signals to guests that they are in for something different! He then assumes official MC duties and at an appropriate point in the event, Darryl can incorporate a solo show ranging from 1-2 songs through to a full 25 minute feature act. Drawing on his vast repertoire from opera and musical theatre and sung with his trademark powerful voice, he delivers a truly stand-out event.

For his portrayal of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar in Australia and NZ, Darryl received NZ's “Entertainer of the Year Rising Star” Award and an Australian MO Award nomination. He also received critical acclaim as John Lennon in the NZ tour of Looking Through a Glass Onion. An original cast member of the Australian productions of Les Miserables and Chess Darryl featured alongside Sarah Brightman in the Australasian tour of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Well respected in the rock arena he has performed with original members of Split Enz and the NZ Symphony Orchestra and toured with rock legend Glenn Shorrock performing the music of Lennon & McCartney in "Let it Be".

In business circles he is well known for co-creating operatic entertainment sensation “The Three Waiters”, He has also created corporate entertainment hits The Leading Men and Jersey to Motown and he and his 12 year old daughter Harmony were named "Entertainer of the Year" at the Australian Event Awards in September 2012.

Darryl is originally a Kiwi, now living in Australia but loves working in homeland.

His award for Entertainer of the Year is with his daughter Harmony. A wonderful father/daughter singing combination that won't leave a dry eye in the house.




Keynote topics:

An entrepreneur in Action
In 1998, inspired by the world's greatest opera singers "The Three Tenors", two actors conceived a simple entertainment concept called "The Three Waiters". An instant hit within the events industry, demand grew so rapidly that within three years they had established offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, London, New York and Bogota Colombia. Performing for millions of people worldwide, their 'simple concept' became a global brand. Surviving 9/11, the Global Financial Crisis and fierce rivalry from copycats, the act become an award-winning international enterprise and the number one corporate entertainment act in the world. The ultimate compliment for "The Three Waiters" was an invitation to perform for the greatest opera singers of our time (and the original inspiration for the act) "The Three Tenors".

Overcoming challenges in tough times
Darryl is a high energy, charismatic presenter who tells his story in an engaging, anecdotal style and by cutting through corporate jargon he speaks in a compelling and relevant manner. His business experience encompasses start-ups and developing overseas business ventures. He discusses the challenges faced by business by reliving his own journey which required attention to areas such as driving focus, goal setting, price leadership, quality as a differentiator, and customer orientation. Faced with 9/11 as a backdrop, Darryl had to determine whether to stay or go as the US economy took a downturn and the events industry was crippled overnight. Darryl will discuss how he handled this massive challenge and highlight how resilience, endurance and a desire to ‘adapt or die’ can ensure success and survival in business.

An engaging twist...
Through-out a 20 year career as an award-winning vocalist and musical theatre performer, Darryl has been witness to the power music has to really engage audiences. Concluding his presentation with a live performance of the legendary aria "Nessun Dorma" he says "regardless of culture, language or demographic, people all over the world are moved by this aria, which has a unique ability to inspire and motivate". Audiences unanimously report this to be an 'unexpected thrill' that left them feeling they could achieve anything!

Darryl's success is a result of an exceptional product, a passion for customer orientation, and the ability to harness and lead extreme talent. His unique blend of down-to-earth presentation style and extraordinary performance skills will not only motivate your team but leave them feeling ready to tackle their next challenge.


AFS conference, Bangkok, March
“Darryl is outstanding and versatile. His presentation is full of pertinent points that relate to life in general as well as business. He is a dynamic entertainer and the conclusion of his presentation is the only one I have ever attended where everyone ends up on their feet and there is a spontaneous standing applause - fabulous way to end a conference. Darryl also performed at our gala dinner and was fabulous. Undoubtedly one of the best performers we have engaged.” Peter Daly, CEO, AFS (Australian Financial Services)

“Darryl’s story is an inspiration to audiences of all kinds. His message can be tailored to suit all themes, as his is a real story of never giving up or taking no for an answer. Darryl delivered a keynote address to an auditorium of Accountants and Actuaries (a tough gig by any measure) and walked out to a standing ovation and scores of “excellent” from over 85% of attendees in the post conference feedbacks. This is how good he is. More importantly however is that Darryl takes the time to listen to what you as a conference organiser want from him – making it certain you get the value you want!”
FSAA Conference Chairman – 2013”

Tourism Tropical Nth Queensland (TTNQ), January
“Darryl's words, music, and message will stay with me forever. His clever combining of his story and an actual 4 part message for businesses to reflect on and take home was helpful and real for businesses in this current climate.”
Jennifer Downs, Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

TFC Client engagement event, Toowoomba, May.
“TFC Financial holds a client evening each year to engage, update and uplift our clients. In 2012 we were excited to invite Darryl Lovegrove to complete the evening with his Keynote speech, littered with the odd gem from his vast array of songs performed throughout his stellar career. The video testimonials clearly showed how much the clients enjoyed the night, and how well Darryl connected with the audience. Chris Manthey, TFC Financial



“A fantastic presentation supporting the objective of the event and incorporating incredible opera that was
uplifting and inspiring. The team gave him a standing ovation” Jordan Hawke, CEO Asteron

“the highlight of the conference - you showed us if we apply focus and passion to the vision, we can achieve anything” Maurice Trapp, Maurice Trapp Group (NZ)

“An entertainer with a real message for business success…Absolutely BRILLIANT!”
David Jay, CEO Australian Settlements Ltd

“The perfect closer with a brilliant blend of entertainment and message.” Jenny Wills, Richardson & Wrench