Linda Guirey

“The Mindset Manager” - Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, MC, Author and Artist

Linda Guirey is one of the most respected and sought-after experts on ‘Mindset’ and changing the way we think. She is an inspiring and compelling international speaker and trainer, who transforms and inspires people and organisations from the inside out.

Linda has spoken to thousands of people and has received many awards and recognition of her work including being voted Best Speaker in NZ for 2012 - Corporate Events People’s Choice Awards, and winner of the Gowor International Publishing Award 2016 for her first book “Reflections in the Face of Change”.

Linda is Past President of the Auckland Chapter of the National Speakers Association of New Zealand.

With over 20 years experience, Linda is passionate and committed to making a difference to every audience with her thought-provoking inspirational messages. Audiences are left with a greater awareness of themselves and the world around them and steps that they can take towards creating better relationships and achieving their goals, through truly understanding and changing their mindset.

Whether it’s an inspirational keynote about overcoming challenges and building resilience or a workshop on communication, conflict or customer service, Linda Guirey can tailor content to your conference or organisational needs. 

Linda is also a certified Lego® Serious Play® facilitator, which means she can incorporate this amazing learning tool into many workshops.

Areas of focus - mindset, communication, conflict, values, team building, change, resilience, or creative and innovative thinking - it’s about understanding our mindset and being prepared to change.



If you’re looking for a keynote conference speaker who will inspire, challenge, create an interactive and life changing event – look no further.  Linda will tailor her keynote to your theme, your workplace values, your objectives.

Linda regularly speaks to corporates, not-for-profit organisations, associations, networking groups – helping people understand their every day footprint - that lasting impact left on everyone you come into contact with.

Linda will inspire your audience, and will certainly make them laugh and leave them thinking about what they can change in their lives, in order to have more of a growth and open mindset.

Linda combines her passion for improvisation and having fun, with key messages – resulting in effective and interactive workshops for organisations and teams.  Workshops are customised and can contain the following:-

Communication Styles
Do you want to improve team performance, reduce conflict and increase productivity? Linda’s Effective Communication workshop is a must. What you think and what you believe, shapes who you are – and we are all different. We communicate differently. Once you understand the four basic communication styles, you will make less judgements and assumptions – the key ingredients to minimising conflict.  Whether you are looking for a fun team building event, to generate high performance or develop great leaders – this workshop is for you. 

Conflict Resolution 
This workshop explores the various ways that conflict can arise - whether it is through different communication styles or personalities, negative thought patterns, assumptions, lack of roles and responsibilities or just having the desire to ‘win’ an argument - we explore how to respond to various situations, how to build resilience, how you can manage your thoughts and emotions to avoid conflict and what outcome do you desire, in a conflict situation.
 Abusive Egos in the Workplace
Linda takes you through the darker side of workplaces – where egos run rife and people get affected. Productivity goes down, absenteeism and staff turnover goes up.  Early detection of abusive behaviours in the workplace can save you money and time. Believing you can make a difference and creating a positive workplace culture is the key.  This workshop explores the various behaviours and the choices that you can make, when dealing with abusive egos. Linda can also walk you through some of the legal framework and how to create a more productive, positive and high performing culture.
Building Resilience
The human brain has thousands of thoughts every day and research indicates that 80% of your thoughts are negative. How can you build resilience in your team or in yourself.  This workshop explores the importance of self awareness, how you can change your thought patterns, to ensure that you do not take things personally and allow other people’s words or actions to impact negatively on your life.


"Linda, on behalf of REINZ I just really wanted to emphasise our thanks to you for such a compelling keynote speech you did at our 2017 Residential Property Management conference.  You very quickly resonated with the audience and we received some wonderful feedback.  The number of people wishing to see you and purchase your book is testament to the very rewarding presentation you provided. Our sincere thanks again. - Louise Gordon REINZ

“On behalf of the NZPA Chairperson and NZPA Executive  Committee  we would like to thank you both (Nigel Latta and Linda Guirey) for speaking at our conference. Your presentations were both very well received which made for an interesting and informative programme.  We have been flooded with positive comments from our delegates. The hurdle we now face is to try and make next year’s conference as good as this one was.” Heather Miller NZPA Secretary

“Thank you so much for speaking at the PMAANZ conference this year.  You were amazing and your presentation was fantastic.  Unfortunately I could not get to you to talk to you in person, due to the amount of Practice Managers that were chatting to you. I loved your photos of the KFC and puppies.  Thank you again for your fantastic speaking!” - Karen Greer 2017

“Linda was a very inspiring speaker, with plenty of ideas and thoughts that could be incorporated into your everyday work and personal life situations. I would be happy to recommend Linda to any meeting/conference as she is a delight to work with and very accommodating.” - Principals PA’s Conference 2017

“Amazing excellent training, motivational for work and personal life, easy to understand, fun and friendly. By far the best Customer Training course I have ever done. I loved that it was about us as people, Linda was great, and I felt at ease all the way through. Very worthwhile! “ T & G Handling Challenging Customers

“After hearing Linda speak at the recent NZ CA (Chartered Accountants) conference our Partners invited her to speak to the whole team at RSM Prince.   Linda’s presentation was enlightening, inspirational & had everyone in fits of laughter (accountants do love to laugh) while hanging on to every word. Thank you Linda for showing us how to effectively utilise the power we each have over the choices we have in life…”     RSM Prince 

“An extremely well presented session, with a good message.  It was very entertaining and thought provoking – absolutely awesome.”   NZCA (Chartered Accountants) conference