Sue Lindsay

Sue Lindsay is a highly sought after speaker, master coach and consultant working with individuals, groups and organisations throughout New Zealand and internationally. Sue’s clients include many of New Zealand’s largest companies.

Winner of the New Zealand Young Executive of the Year, Southlander of the Year, Direct Marketer of the Year finalist and winner of the World Young Business Achievers award in Beijing China. And that’s just some of the recognition received for this inspiring New Zealander’s dynamic approach to life and business.

As the General Manager of a major New Zealand agribusiness, Sue Lindsay challenged conventional industry and business wisdom. She transformed a traditional rural service company into a dynamic, customer experience driven organisation that is still recognised as being world class. In that role she was directly credited with master-minding strategies and leading a team that more than doubled the revenues of this Top 200 New Zealand company.

And that is just the beginning of her inspiring story.

Since leaving her corporate life behind nearly 10 years ago, Sue has pursued her passion for inspiring greatness in the world…one person and one organisation at a time. She has been a member of the BNZ Partners Growth Programme faculty for nearly 8 years and she is the developer of the world class BNZ Partners - Women in Business™ programme.

Sue’s inspirational approach to business and leadership was further recognised when she was chosen by Dr Lance Secretan to join a small global team to collaborate with him on his book “ONE The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership” and a global leader¬ship project by the same name. Dr Secretan is recognised as one of the world’s lead¬ing business philosophers and consultant to Fortune 500 companies and leaders and the former global CEO of Manpower the recruitment company.

Sue’s work with the worlds business thought leaders continued in 2009 when she was hand picked by business guru Tom Peters to collaborate with Tom and his company as their collaborative partner in New Zealand and Australia. Sue’s collaboration with Tom Peters Company sees her bringing their groundbreaking work The Future Shape of the Winner and the Excellence Audit to New Zealand business.

The Future Shape of the Winner is a model developed by Tom Peters’ Company based on over 20 years of research and work with business owners and leaders globally. Having worked with some of the worlds business thought leaders Sue sees this as potentially the most relevant model for today’s challenging environment and describes her collaboration with Tom as the coolest collaboration of all.

Sue comes to you as someone who really has “been there and done that”, taking over the family farm at an early age after the death of her father, a successful sales and marketing career, and early rise to corporate leadership that gained her significant national and international recognition and now as a successful entrepreneur with a variety of business interests.

Sue is a rare find. As a speaker and facilitator her corporate leadership background, her international training and extensive research seem impressive enough, but her experience and affinity for business goes much deeper than that. Over the last 7 years she has worked intimately with hundreds if New Zealand business leaders and entrepreneurs in the development of her transformational coaching programme, DIRECTIONS™. This has given Sue a unique window into the heart and mind of New Zealand business and the challenges facing business leaders and their teams.

Sue’s experiences and ideas will inspire your sense of possibility and bring your personal and business visions alive. She will inspire you to take action but more importantly she will show you how to take action effectively. She shares her wealth of experience, international training and research with you, as someone who actually faces the challenges of leadership, management and operation of diverse businesses on a daily basis.

As the developer of the highly regarded Directions Coaching™ programme with its focus on LIFE, LEADERSHIP AND BUSINESS and her latest work in defining pathways for developing our Transformation Intelligence…the art of designing lives, businesses and brands that really work. An expert facilitator and certified Master Coach Sue brings a depth of experience and research to all of her work.

Sue’s ideas have inspired many individuals and organisations into action resulting in world-class success. She inspires individuals, teams and organisations large and small to realise their full potential personal, leadership and business potential…to live into their greatness.

Sue’s work is deeply inspiring, idea rich and full of real world tactics that you and your team can apply immediately. Sue will inspire greatness in you and your team.

If you are ready to transform your LIFE, your LEADERSHIP, your BUSINESS, your BRAND, or your TEAM then you must hear Sue Lindsay.


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• The Power of Focus
• Differentiate or die – Standing out from the crown in today’s competitive business world
• Customer Satisfaction
• Motivation / Inspiration
• Communication
• Direct Marketing
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• Relationship Marketing


Many thanks for your contribution to our staff development day last Thursday. Your address was excellent, both as to substance and delivery. I was most impressed with how, throughout your address, you made the links with Otago Polytechnic’s strategy and the organisational culture we are developing as we strive to be the top performing polytechnic in the country. I don’t think I could have scripted your speech any better myself to ensure the key messages were delivered to our staff. Most importantly, your speech set the scene for the workshops that followed; and I have had much positive feedback from staff about the message you delivered.
I am more than happy for you to use any of these comments as my endorsement of your expertise.
Phil Ker - Chief Executive , Otago Polytechnic

Sue is the epitome of someone whose “dared to be different” approach has given her the edge and successes in life that everyone dreams about. Shy as a kid in her childhood days (hard to believe but its true) and living a simple life on the family farm, Sue challenged herself and with great success to stand out and make a difference!! Now gracing the covers of magazines with her cutting edge thinking and award winning titles (including the New Zealand Young Executive of the Year and World Young Business Achievers Award), Sue continues to top the leader board charts with her ground breaking work and passion for making a difference to how people achieve their goals.
I had the privilege of meeting Sue at one of her seminars. She is a remarkable women, very sincere, grounded and down to earth. Rarely do I meet someone who has achieved as much as she has so giving of her time to help others. Sue is an amazing speaker. She lights up the place with her engaging personality. Her compelling messages and ability to connect with people will inspire you to want to work with her and emulate what this award winning business leader has achieved.
Audrey Yee - Director, A1 Consultancy Services Ltd