Kim Harvey

Kim’s gift is in teaching others how to attain optimum health and energy through a balance of nutrition, exercise and recovery strategies.

In today’s fast-paced life, there is often little time to focus on the essentials that enable you to function at your peak. Kim's sessions are packed with information to enable people to liberate themselves from the myths and misconceptions surrounding fitness and nutrition.

Kim Harvey, runs her own Corporate Wellness business and is an energetic and innovative leader. She has an extensive background in health promotion and wellbeing and has lectured at the Auckland University of Technology Community Health Studies department and initiated health promotion programmes through SPARC and Sport Auckland. Often requested as a conference speaker on the topic of corporate health and wellbeing, she also writes regularly for some of New Zealand's leading publications on personal health, energy and vitality management.
As an accomplished speaker, personal trainer, motivator and coach, Kim has helped 100’s of men and women to achieve fitness and health success! Having been at the frontline of health and fitness for over a decade, Kim knows what it takes to empower individuals to leave behind an unhealthy lifestyle once and for all! She’s an advocate for the people and her mission is to educate and motivate others to achieve peak performance and a superior quality of life through great health and fitness.

Her message is delivered in an energetic and interactive manner which adds to her popularity and impact. In the age of the “information overload”, Kim captures the most important health, nutrition and fitness facts and presents them in a compact easy-to-understand format that will take her audience on a fast track to a lifetime of outstanding health and wellbeing!



• A Question of Balance – Improve your quality of life by achieving work/life balance – what is it? How do you achieve it? How do you maintain it?
• Boost the Fiscal and Physical Wellbeing of Your Business – Aside from reducing your risk of claims under the Health & Safety Act, ACC, and OSH, your company will benefit from a healthy and fit workforce.
• The Energy Equation – Discover the keys to building and maintaining high energy levels that will keep you vital and performing to your optimum, day after day, year after year.
• The State of The Nation – How we can impact the declining health of our nation – most importantly that of our children.
• A Weighty Issue – Many people struggle for years to reach or maintain a health weight. Understand why diets don’t work and the alternatives that do!