Kerry Johnson

Dr Kerry Johnson BA, Ph.D. is a best selling author who speaks at least eight times a month all over the world, traveling 8,000 miles a week.

In addition to speaking, Kerry Johnson heads a personal coaching company. Professionals worldwide use Dr. Johnson and his coaches to increase business usually by 300% within only weeks. Kerry is a best selling author and speaker who presents to audiences from Hong Kong to Halifax and from NZ to New York. He speaks on such topics as “How to read your Clients Mind’, Peak Performance, How to Increase your business by 70% in 6 weeks and “Marketing to The Affluent” – how to find and sell to them.

Kerry currently writes monthly for fifteen national sales and management magazines whose editors have dubbed him “The Nations Sales Psychologist”. He is the author of six books, including the best sellers, “Peak Performance – How to Increase your Business by 70% within 6 weeks, and ‘Mastering the Game: The Human Edge in Sales and Marketing’ and ‘Sales Magic’. His company consults to Fortune 500 corporations interested in helping increase their sales productivity. His client list includes American Express, Ford, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, IBM and Re/Max Real Estate.

In the 1970’s Kerry spent two years as a professional tennis player, competing on the International Grand Prix Tennis Tour. Kerry was also recognized by the US Jaycees as one of the Most Outstanding Men in America. - USA. Kerry recently spoke at the Hire Industry Association conference in NZ and was received extremely well.