John Morrell

Sales and marketing expert specialising in leveraging, networking, and strategic alliances

Since the early seventies John has been involved in hands-on sales and marketing. He specialises in the areas of networking, building strategic alliances, new client acquisition and client retention, especially in the professional services areas.

John is the founding Director of New Zealand Business Forums, a virtual business based in Hawkes Bay. Since the late seventies John has been involved in sales & marketing and prior to that he was a Police Officer in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. John is a ‘hands on’ sales person and manager. He runs a unique Business Consultancy, which revolves around the concept of leveraging business relationships and is highly rated as a speaker and motivator. He walks the walk and talks the talk.

During the past 20 years John has had hands-on involvement with numerous professional services organizations. He has developed effective, practical tools, workshops, techniques and processes to stimulate smart thinking and to empower and enable motivated professionals to generate new and additional business from existing relationships

John majors in the science of referral generation and the power of third party endorsement through building external advocates.

John also acts as a business mentor for a number of Partners and Managers and is highly regarded as a lateral thinker and communicator. This current and focused hands-on activity keeps John at the leading edge and provides him with a unique advantage. He is not a trainer, he is a facilitator of professional services’ best business practice.

‘It is not that they do not have the right attitude, are not motivated, or have a desire to do well. It is a matter of putting a focus on where they should invest their valuable time and coming to the realization that building a business is about building long-term partnerships and creating win/win scenarios’.


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• For keys to leverage for success
• Developing your personal brand
• Seeking the ideal client
• Business for fun and profit
• Sales Vitality workshops – Effective ways of increasing sales and profit
• Networking
• Building strategic Alliances and effective partnerships
• The Science of Referral Generation - how to harness the real opportunity from existing relationships
• Information technology
• Organising for Success – Sales processes for professionals – Lawyers, private Bankers and Investment Advisers
• Maximising Opportunities - new client acquisition and client retention – for professional services providers.
• Promoting professional services – Majoring in referrals, building strong advocates and cross marketing of services
• Effective ways of increasing sales and profit
• The Power of Third Party Endorsement