John Davey

Looking for an "expert" in your field? How about trying the classic hoax with John Davey. John is NZ's top corporate hoaxer. He has a wide repertoire of accents, disguises and topics that he uses to mould a character specific to your industry.

As a professional entertainer for 15 years, John uses character, comedy, hoaxes, magic juggling and trickery, in fact almost anything to get the message across. He can create a suitable ‘hoax” character to fit in with the theme of your evening and your industry and deliver a believable address. An excellent MC and now used extensively by clients to give a ‘closing wrap up’ at the end of their conference – to tie the whole conference together.

John Davey offers you a refreshing and inspirational approach to delivering your corporate message at your next conference or training seminar. John’s innovative and entertaining presentation style captures the imagination of his audience, creatively communicating information and professional development.

Having training in hotel management at the Savoy in London, John Davey travelled to New Zealand, set a goal to become an entertainer. Within three years he had his own slot on TVNZ’s What Now programme, achieved residency, then citizenship and went on to become a leader in the variety entertainment world as “The Amazing Mr Moon”.

John is now increasingly in demand as a speaker, providing creative ways of putting across information and encouraging all sorts of people to get in touch with their inner power and motivation. As a professional entertainer for 15 years, he uses character, comedy, hoaxes, fire eating, magic, juggling and trickery – in fact almost anything to get the message across.

The Conference Wrap-Up
Recently described as “a conference organisers dream-come-true” the conference wrap-up is an ideal way to conclude a conference. This session pulls together all the various threads of the conference, ties them neatly, then strongly assists and encourages delegates to act upon the new ideas they have been exposed to during the conference.

The Hoax
Introduced as a highly relevant and important speaker from overseas delegates are addressed, outlining startling new developments that will impact them in a big way. At the end of the speech the hoax is dramatically revealed taking us on to.

Delegates are taken down a trail that includes looking at our comfort zones, our potential limitations and how to go beyond them to ultimately go home, inspired and motivated to actually do something about the information received at the conference.


• Conference wrap-up
• Cabaret
• Problem solving
• Comedy
• Hoaxes
• Magic
• MC
• Motivation
• Celebrity debates
• Product launches