John Campbell

Journalist and news presenter, John Campbell is guaranteed to entertain and delight.

John Campbell has been a journalist and radio and television personality for over 30 years.

Born in Wellington he started his career in radio providing alternative rugby commentaries; reports on the sharemarket and reading the news.  He moved to TV3 in 1991 working in the newsroom and joining the political press gallery.  He later worked on 20/20 and 3 News which he anchored with Carol Hirschfeld from 1998-2005.  The pair then started Campbell Live, a programme for which John is probably best known and which ran until 2015.   John returned to radio hosting Checkpoint before joining TVNZ’s Breakfast.  He is currently their chief correspondent.

John as known as a passionate, thorough and kind journalist and broadcaster and has twice won the Qantas Media Award for Best Investigative Current Affairs and for Best Presenter, as well as winning the Best Presenter category twice for the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.  He also won the Best Current Affairs Presenter category in the TV Guide "Best on the Box" Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015.

John speaks on empathy and resilience in New Zealand and anywhere he can make a difference.



Empathy and resilience


"John Campbell blew us away - he connected instantly with the audience, covered a diverse topic and gave a speech that was both funny, smart, serious, and moving. We had sky high expectations and he massively exceeded them. Also JC was just bloody lovely to work with".  RNZCOGP

"John was great - such a nice person and genuinely cared about the conference theme. Shared insights and stories into some key people he met in his career and linked it back to RCP. We will be forever grateful of his commitment to the conference due to the 3 years of resets & last minute diary changes!" - RCP