John Adshead

Former Coach of the successful All Whites who made the World Cup Finals in 1982.

An outstanding teambuilder and motivator, John Adshead was engaged by Michael Fay’s America’s Cup Challenge to manage and co-ordinate the team. He received wide acclaim for his involvement in the New Zealand challenge and as crew motivator and confidante he played a key role in maintaining morale under high pressure conditions.

As National Soccer Coach he lead the All Whites to its greatest success in qualifying for the 1982 World Cup Finals and was recalled as Manager for the All Whites in 1988.

John’s success as a motivator comes from his belief that motivation comes from within. His team management strategies focus on knowing what results you want from your team and then getting them to both work at and work towards achieving those results.

John developed the successful Radio I Sports Foundation in Auckland, after a number of years in sports promotion which included Bob Geldorf’s New Zealand International Sports Aid campaign.

He is now the Marketing and Promotions Manager for the New Zealand Football Association



• Personal and Team Motivation
• Teambuilding
• Leadership