Janine Antram

Janine Antram is a health and fitness and lifestyle speaker.

Janine has over 10 years experience in the fitness industry and during this time has compiled a list of achievements few encounter in a lifetime. Having began as an overweight, solo mother at the age of 20, Janine ran away to find a life.

Janine Antram is a Health, Fitness and Lifestyle speaker and educator from Tauranga, and is a highly qualified fitness trainer currently completing her degree in Applied Science.

Not only has she achieved sought after qualifications over the past 10 years, she has also attained top ranking in the 2000 World Bodyshaping competition, trained fitness competitors to win both National and World titles, appeared as Body Double to Vicky Pratt, American Actress and Fitness model, has won numerous Bikini competitions, appeared in Fashion shows for Tribe modeling agency along with appearances in Magazines for promotional contracts and motivational interviews, not to mention Managed a family and a fitness centre to which she is currently a director/shareholder.

Janine continues her quest Nationally and Worldwide to help inspire and educate others in ‘living the lifestyle’.

Janine is also a regular columnist and has just completed her first book titled, Ready, Set, Change. She is also the founder of ‘Bodyissues’, a ‘fitbits’ newsletter which has an emphasis on nutrition/fitness/motivation, available through a range of healthclubs in both New Zealand and overseas.

Janine holds fitness clinics focusing on fitness, nutrition, training, choreography, stage presence, modelling and competition preparation, both in fitness and bodyshaping.

Janine’s latest developments which will co-incide with her book launch is Ready, Set, Change – The programme (the ‘how to’ manual to change your body) and Ready, Set, Change – The business (the ‘how to’ manual to change your business), due out November 2004.

Janine is passionate about ‘change’ in both personal and business areas and with her unique style and intriguing personal journey, you’ll find her motivating, inspiring and ready to take action!