Janice Davies

The "Attitude Specialist"

BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, SUCCEED and changing thoughts to create more success is Janice’s core message.

It’s about learning from the challenges and propelling people forward.

A passionate speaker, Janice’s presentations are educational and motivational with snippets of interaction and humour. She is an experienced international speaker, workshop facilitator and has presented to audiences ranging from childcare through to government department since 2000. Prior to starting her own business, Janice had been educating as a tutor for ten years.

Janice educates people to success in their personal and professional life by unleashing their potential so they have skills to empower themselves. Her work involves helping them unlearn old negative habits and re-learn positive techniques

Janice customises presentations by using accelerated learning techniques, personality and learning styles when tailoring her keynotes and workshops for clients. She writes for magazines and appears on television and radio and is expanding into the USA market along with starting her own The Success Attitude TV show online.

She success presentations include snippets of the following topics: mind-set, attitudes, personalities, relationships, creativity, stress, work-life, self-confidence, communication goals, values, beliefs, life mission, empowerment, fulfilment, talents/gifts and more. She works with companies and individuals through her presentations and coaching.

In 2010 after the global recession and a near death experience, Janice changed direction and focussed by aligning to her life mission. After receiving motivational ideas for thirty years she wrote her memoirs ‘The Success Attitude’ and the accompanying transformational movie script. Bringing three new concepts to her movie, ongoing products, education and business opportunities will accompany this business concept upon release of the movie in 2019. Janice is the founder of SelfDay – International Self Esteem Day, which will also be relaunched after the movie release.

‘The Success Attitude’ movie script is now with an agency in Los Angeles.  Janice quotes “this script and business concept has stretched me to my limits, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, but it will make a difference and save lives”. Meanwhile I return to my work as an educator while the movie progresses from an idea into reality.”

She has been involved in four community groups, rising to the President each time and is the Past President of the International Council of Self Esteem.

Janice has embraced life’s lessons, choosing to constantly learn, move out of her comfort zone, commit to her life mission, fulfil her dreams and become her best. Janice is a 'been there/done that lady' and teaches others to do same on their journey to success. She teaches people to believe in themselves and create their best life

Who is Janice - The Attitude Specialist?

From Victim to Victorious!

Janice starting turning life in her 30’s around after realising a teenage bullying experience at high school eighteen years earlier had left her withdrawn and living below her potential. Since then she has been a single mother, had three small businesses, experienced burnout twice and lived in a haunted house. As a traveller in life, she loves adventures, enjoying life and beach walks.



Keynote and workshop topics include:

  • The Success Attitude – Creating Winners                                  
  • Your Big Idea – Creative Intuitive Business Expansion          
  • Improve Workplace Relationships                                                
  • Appreciating Your Workplace Team
  • Boost Workplace Attitude to ‘Zap-Up’ Results
  • Getting Savvy to Workplace Stress
  • The World is Your Oyster
  • Search for Your Hero
  • Stepping Stones to Success – Intentional Goals 


‘Wow describes your impact’
‘Entertaining, Intelligent, Effervescent, Eloquent and Engaging’
‘A very special workshop’
‘We need more people like you’