Keith Suter

Keith is a futurist, thought leader and media personality in the areas of social policy and foreign affairs.

Is one of the world’s great thinkers and communicators. A foremost speaker on global issues, as well as a highly regarded social commentator, strategic planner, writer and broadcaster, Dr Suter appears on radio an average of once per day, and is recognisable as the global issues/foreign affairs presenter on Channel 7’s “Sunrise” programme. Keith has an extraordinary mind and extensive knowledge; his expertise covers International Affairs, Law, Society, Leadership, Business, and the Future.

Dr Keith Suter is an economic and social commentator, strategic planner, author and broadcaster.

As a broadcaster, he appears on Australian radio an average of once per day. He is the TV Channel 7 “Sunrise” foreign affairs editor appearing on weekday mornings. He is also a foreign policy analyst for Sky TV Australia, which also broadcasts to New Zealand.

Dr Suter is also Director of Studies, International Law Association (Australian Branch) and was for many years the Chair of the Environment Committee of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has been a member of the international think tank The Club of Rome since 1993.

In 1986, International Year of Peace, he was awarded the Australian Government’s Peace Medal. In 1994, he was voted “Australian Communicator of the Year”.