Scott Williams

Scott is Australia’s newest and best ‘young’ comedian who performs in excess of 150 engagements per year. Scott’s greatest natural asset is his likeability which uplifts the hears and soul of the toughest audience with consummate ease and whether performing as a stand up comic or as the Master of Ceremonies, Scott’s feedback is always outstanding.

Scott Williams is an entertainer committed to one thing – his audience. His comedic mind is quicker than the eye, yet mere words fall short of describing an evening with Scott because he is all things to all audiences. Yuppies might describe Scott as a S.N.A.C. Sensational New Age Comedian. Politically correct people say Scott is a “punningly perfect prestidigitator providing one’s palm propinquity to one’s patella” (translation – comedy with knee slapping laughs).

Scott is funny, quick, fresh, energetic, sure-fire, bright, fun, original, a natural blonde, hilarious, unpredictable, crowdpleaseable, unputdownable. And rarest of all he’s a 90’s comedian who doesn’t have to use the world #!?
• to get a laugh – he’s naturally funny.
Become a part of Scott’s era and bathe in the warm glow of his charm, his wit and his endearing character. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

The Doctor: The doctor will see you laugh now. As the doctor, Scott conjures up a whole dispensary of laughs from his little black bag of tricks. Just lie back, try to relax and cough – The Doctor has you in his hands.

Characters: If what you need is a specific ‘expert’ or visiting dignitary to liven up your presentation or conference – you need Scott to write and perform as that character. He'll draw the audience in and leave them glad they were duped by the master.

Master of Ceremonies: Commanding in his presentation Scott will control the proceedings with perception and humour. Years of television and stage experience can leave you assured – if it’s in Scott's hands, it’s under control.

Scott is in constant demand by the corporate sector, both nationally and internationally. Many of the world’s leading companies have maximised their impact on an audience by harnessing Scott’s comic savvy.


• Entertainment
• Humour
• After-Dinner
• Master of Ceremonies