Melissa Clark-Reynolds

Melissa Clark-Reynolds ONZM is widely recognised as an inspirational role model and business leader.

She has extensive first-hand experience in building teams and developing business strategies, and a high awareness of social responsibility in business with a penchant for entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Melissa is a Digital Strategist and Professional Director - with 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and in the business start-up community. She trained with Clayton Christiansen in his approach to Disruptive Innovation through Harvard. 

Melissa has been CEO of a number of technology companies and is a Governor of Radio NZ, and sits on the Boards of ACCURO Insurance, Jasmax, and Softed. 

Melissa is a Member of MPI’s Primary Growth Partnership Investment Advisory Panel and Chairs the LINZ Risk & Audit Committee. In 2016 she attended the Te Hono Bootcamp at Stanford University.

Melissa's story is highly inspiring - she is a dynamic, thought provoking and challenging speaker.


  • Business
  • Business Social Responsibility
  • Business Success
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Women in Business


Melissa addressed our brief perfectly. It was obvious she had spent considerable time to ensure delegates expectations were met. We would highly recommend Melissa as a speaker. She had great rapport with the audience.  NZ Food and Grocery Council

Melissa was on the panel at our HR Game Changer Conference and was a great presenter. She challenged the audience on thinking differently, shared her personal experience and had some fascinating insights into how we can change the game.  Elephant HR

Received great feedback on Melissa from delegates, with many saying she was one of the best speakers they had heard.  Harding Consultants

What a way for our conference to open - we couldn't have wished for better ... She was outstanding - we couldn't have asked for more. What a wonderful woman!  Gut-wrenching emotion, laughter, tears, "sudden intakes of breath" - Melissa touched the audience in so many ways.  Lampen Alectus Recruitment

The presentation was inspiring, motivating and a great way to start the conference.  Medical Industry Association of NZ

Melissa's presentation exceeded our expectations and she received a standing ovation. She put a very human perspective on issues and was incredibly valuable for the audience.  Grow HR

Melissa was outstanding. She took the time to really understand our organisation and tailored a talk that was spot on. We asked her to challenge us which she did, but at the same time she was warm and engaging. We all learned a lot from the session. The talk received very high ratings from the participants at the conference and was the highest rating session of the day.  The Co-operative Bank