Mark McCrindle

Mark is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost generational experts.

He is an award-winning social researcher, best-selling author, and influential thought leader, and he is regularly commissioned to deliver strategy and advice to the boards and executive committees of some of Australia’s leading organisations.

He is recognised as one of Australia’s foremost youth speakers. For years he has been a high profile leader to hundreds of them, he has trained over 16,000 of them, he employs them, researches them, and he is one of them.  As a social commentator, Mark is well equipped. He has a degree in Psychology, and at graduate level he studied leadership and sociology.

He is a qualified Social Researcher and has a depth of experience in communicating across the generations. He is one of Australia’s foremost futurists who extensively researches the new generations and accurately tracks emerging trends. He runs a qualitative research organisation and so has his finger on the pulse of today’s customers, clients and staff members. Organisations commission Mark to conduct research and then speak or consult with them to help them better understand the times and identify emerging trends. He has written numerous research papers to equip educators to better meet the needs of students today. By understanding the new generation employers are able to create a workplace to attract them.

Mark graduated from UNSW with a BSc (Psychology), and Masters, majoring in Social Trends. He is the Founder and Director of the Australian Leadership Foundation, which researches the new generations and equips organisations to effectively manage, market and communicate in these challenging times.

By taking the social pulse of the nations he is able to analyse the constant changes and communicate the implications these will have on our lives. With his interactive style and a background in communication with the tough youth market, Mark is experienced in engaging and motivating an audience. His skill is in equipping people with the latest research while empowering them with strategies to deal with the changes. He has worked in most industry sectors, including financial, telecommunications, FMCG, technology and IT, retail, hospitality, education, government and the not for profit sector.
His understanding of the emerging generations has led to speaking and consulting work with large corporations including AMP, MLC, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Accor, Australia Post, Australian business, as well as Redken, Donut King, Price Attack, Traveland and YHA. He equips them with skills to better motivate, manage, and market to the under 35’s.


Social Networking, Social Media, Social Business
- Emerging technologies, new strategies

New Consumers, Diverse Generations, Emerging Segments
- Engaging with the ever changing customer

Demographic Shifts, Social Trends, Future Forecasts
- Connecting with today’s communities

Know the Times, Shape the Trends
- Engaging with key trends redefining our society

Communication Skills for the 21st Century
- Getting cut through in our message saturated society

Leading Teams in Changing Times
- Motivating & leading teams in 21st Century times

Strategic Trends Forum
- Strategic analysis of the external environment


"You came to us already highly recommended as a keynote speaker, and that recommendation has been amply confirmed by your address at our event. Here are some quotes from the evaluations: “very inspiring”, “riveting”, “absolutely excellent”, and “captured and involved us all”.  SCOUTS AUSTRALIA

“I want to thank you for playing a key role in our Conference. We all benefited from your input and I very much appreciate the contribution that you made".  WESFARMERS LTD

“Your delivery was relevant and focussed, and provided us with an opportunity to hear first hand from young consumers you have researched".  TOYOTA AUSTRALIA

“The feedback from your sessions at the CPA Congress has been tremendous. Here are some comments from attendees: “Brilliant- excellent presentation, good fun”, “Best so far”, Superb presenter- very informative and entertaining”, “Great speaker, well researched, excellent presenter”.  CPA AUSTRALIA

“Mark was excellent and very conscientious and sincere about getting the facts right. It was enough to whet the audience's appetite to come back for more".  REDKEN

“Mark was certainly a star. He is one of the best presenters I have seen in a long time. We have had nothing but favourable comments".  AUSTRALIA POST

“Mark was lively, entertaining and very informative. His presentation fitted perfectly into our “customer” theme and opened the eyes of many of our attendees. We will certainly be using Mark as a presenter again".  WATER SERVICES ASSOCIATION AUSTRALIA

“Mark can be relied upon to present his evidence-based research and findings with specific reference and connectedness to his audience. His presentations are relevant, responsive and relational and he clearly interprets the brief given to him prior to the event".  INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS OF NEW ZEALAND

“The presentation was both informative and stimulating and was presented in Mark's trademark entertaining and easy-to-follow style. We received overwhelming response from attendees afterwards.  BDO AUSTRALIA

“It was excellent! The information and data was interesting and relevant, and he delivered it in a very engaging way. Everyone enjoyed it.  COMPASSION

“Insightful and inspiring".  UDIA