Mike Handcock

Entrepreneur and inspiring speaker, Mike describes himself as an innovator, motivator, professional speaker, author and musician. He has presented in over 80 cities globally.

One of only 25 speakers Globally to have the CSP Global. Mike was NZ Speaker of the Year 2014 (other National Awards in 2007, 2009 & 2011). He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his Philanthropic endeavours. He is the award winning author of 13 Books, a musician with 11 albums and a No#1 hit and consistently makes over $1m a year from speaking.


•    Mike is not only an award winning speaker, author and philanthropist, he is unique and different and spends countless hours researching new relevant material
•    When you book Mike, he will allow your audience to access relevant, powerful material via video or audio, following your conference to lock in the messages and ensure lasting impact
•    If you are not fully satisfied with Mike’s delivery, immediately let him know on finishing his talk and we will refund any fee less any costs. That is our solid guarantee and no risk for you
•    Mike has high profile testimonials from experts, competitors and sensational leaders from around the world (see them in this flyer)
•    Mike has spoken in over 40 countries to over 250,000 people. He understands culture, difference and uniqueness
•    Mike has been a senior manager in a large corporate and owned businesses in Events, Travel, Construction, Media, Human Resources, Property Investment and the Music and Film industry
•    Mike is fun and flexible. He will work with what you want to achieve and he will give you 110%. Remember he is one in just 25 speakers out of over 20,000 globally to be awarded the designation of Certified Speaking Professional Global


"Mike Hancock did a superlative job” Mark Victor Hansen, Author Chicken Soup for the Soul L.A.

“Mike is a creative innovator with a great sense of people’ Justin Herald, Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2005

“Mike, the magical musician, intelligent, intitive, kind, energetic and enthusiastic. Mike is absolutely inspiring” Dave Rogers, Asia’s leading Entreprenrur Coach – Singapore

"Mike is gracious, funny, engaging and a generous human being"  Patch Adams, Doctor, Clown, Philanthropist - USA

‘Mike takes you on a magical and inspirational journey” Roger Hamilton, Asia’s leading Wealth Consultant

"Mike was so engaging as a speaker, given he was largely up front by himself all weekend.  Now if only Mike also conducted seminars on GST, CGT and IR implications on the sale of a business"  Kay Lam - Beattie - LLB Intellectual Property Lawyer - Australia

"You were awesome.  Thank you so much for all your input, creativity and simply... YOU"  Paul Dunn - Australia's Business Philosopher and Chairman ResultsNet - Singapore

"Mike has the unique ability to get a sometimes diverse group of individuals working together for their mutual benefit.  No one can come away from a Mike Handcock presentation without having learned a new skill.  I am happy to say that we are able to add our own off-shore conference to the many conferences Mike has attended to motivate delegates in an entertaining, motivating and thought-provoking way"  Sandy Hazzard - General Manager Professional Investment Services - Australia