Mark Di Somma

Hold on to your seat! Mark Di Somma is loud, forthright, energized, open minded and the holder of unorthodox opinions. In a word, he is a thoughtbreaker.

Meet a man who really believes business must become more creative and who encourages business folks to rethink their parameters by taking on conventions and orthodoxies.

He owns a restless mind, a passion for words and business, and an unrelenting curiosity. You quickly get a sense of all that when he presents.

After university, Mark Di Somma turned his love of writing into a career – working in radio and then in ad agencies, before starting a direct marketing agency. A chance assignment prompted him to diversify into brand strategy. It quickly became a passion, then a career, and finally the Audacity Group, his thinking and writing consultancy.

Today Mark works as a strategist, writer and senior creative consultant to design firms and ad agencies. He works directly with senior management teams facilitating, problem solving and sometimes as part of a change program. And as a specialist in investor branding, he also has an in-depth understanding of how to talk to investors.

Keynotes and workshops are opportunities to combine his addiction to problem solving with his love of language. Breaking myths, pitching new ideas and thinking, finding ways forward; sharing impressions and opinions, telling exciting stories.

You’ll love the way Mark gets what makes sectors and people tick. He’s fascinated by what happens when market dynamics and human reactions collide. First and foremost, he says, companies need to think their way out of trouble. His guiding principles: solve a problem in your head, drive the answer from your heart, put your commitments on paper, and never be afraid to ask the inconvenient questions.

Mark’s style is energetic and stimulating, and people really warm to his lateral approach to key issues facing leaders and business owners and his ability to identify and address those issues with optimism and positivity. At his sessions, lines of inquiry, ideas and insights fly, and it won’t be long before you and your team are re-evaluating what you do, why it gets done and where it can take you.

greater value, fired up staff and more loyal customers.



  • Market Leadership
  • Market Agility
  • Competitiveness
  • Purpose
  • Customer Service
  • Creative Thinking
  • Branding
  • Corporate Culture