Michael Laws

Controversial former MP, radio host and mayor of Wanganui.

Michael Laws has had a varied career as an MP, a mayor, a radio host, an author of three books and a columnist. Sometimes controversial, always honest - Michael calls it as he sees it. 

Michael Laws is a former MP and broadcaster and a writer/columnist. He served two terms as a Member of the Parliament representing the National Party (1990–96). He was elected as Mayor of Wanganui in 2004, and was re-elected in 2007. Before the October 2010 elections he announced his retirement from the mayoralty, but in 2013 entered the "race" for the Wanganui mayoralty again.

He was a Radio Livemorning talkback host and a longstanding Sunday Star-Times columnist. In 2007 he competed in Dancing with the Stars and has recently moved to Timaru to take up a Development Manager's role at a local school.