Marnie Adams

Marnie Adams is a lively woman with a passion for retail and boundless energy and enthusiasm

Very successful in her own business career, she speaks from experience. Marnie believes business is the art of getting what you want by doing what you are good at. She has a forward thinking approach to business issues including change, service and personal attitude. Formerly marketing manager at Victoria Park Market – she was responsible for the turn around of the market with a change of attitude and focus. Fantastic sales person, she is now doing very well in real estate.

Marnie Adams is probably best know for “the resurrection of Auckland’s Victoria Park Market from a market in dire financial trouble with disgruntled tenants into a viable inner-city shopping venue”, with continuing plans for improvement. However, this is not unique – she has achieved this with a number of organisations in a number of industries. Born and raised in Ireland, Marnie moved to New Zealand in the late 70’s after working for a couple of years in Australia as a Parliamentary Liaison Assistant. Once in New Zealand, she entered the publishing industry, working with various publications, helping to develop readership and new publications. This led to Marnie establishing her own tabloid, the Christchurch Shopping Guide, with a staff of 13 and a turnover of $3.5 million per annum, with a similar paper also established in Nelson. She has also been working extensively with the Automobile Association, implementing and running a sales training and attitudinal change programme, assisting staff to accept and excel with the structural and operational changes the organisation has embarked upon. Marnie’s strategic planning and management experience coupled with her creative drive and enthusiasm is inspirational and makes her a great motivator and team leader. In 1988, as Sales and Marketing Manager for what was then New Zealand’s leading women’s magazine, - even though circulation was high, advertising revenue was minimal. Marnie’s restructuring took the ailing magazine from a $1 million loss to a $300,000 profit within the first 6 months. By reducing staff and introducing achievable targets and total accountability from all sales reps, Marnie had the magazine recording over $1 million net profit per annum after just 18 months. Marnie has been Marketing Consultant to Westfield NZ Ltd (formerly St Lukes Group) and was CEO of AMCAL Chemists Ltd. She then took a contract as General Manager of Haines Evoke in Auckland, a recruitment advertising and employment branding firm. Now selling Real Estate Marnie is – as always –very successful in her chosen field. She is passionate about the development of people within an organisation in order for them to contribute to the company’s growth. Her presentations are tailored to the audience in order to focus on the issues at hand. She has an uncanny ability to see through the surface issues and deal to the real ones.


• Marketing
• Retail
• Motivation is like vitamin C – We need a daily intake.
• Business – The art of getting what you want by doing what you are good at.
• Customer Service “ An art form too few practice”
• Managing Change: - Embrace it and grow – fight it and die
• Team Building – The key to sustained success.