Miles Davis

Miles Davis is a radio host, sports commentator and West Ham United's biggest fan.

Miles has been punched by Joe Frazier, hugged by Pavarotti, and thrown out of sports stadia around the world. On the down side, he is also a Pom with an opinion on everything.

Miles is an outstanding M/C, a very funny after dinner speaker and with his business background does a very good business keynote. He has proven that if you have a passion and don't give up you can achieve just about anything if you want it badly enough - while still being yourself. His versatility is without question. He can be heard on radio as host of a myriad of programmes ranging from hard hitting news talkback to hard line sports and everything in between. He has the ability to slice through complicated issues and couch them in common sense terms.

Miles has been described as “a garrulous cockney", but his larger than life profile belies the story behind the man who moved permanently to New Zealand in 1984. His cockney extroverted personality makes him easily recognised in public, on television and of course radio where he has established a proud reputation. Scratch the surface and you find a man who had a tough upbringing, spent time on the wrong side of the law and along the way met some very interesting and famous people. He also showed what persistence and refusal to take no for an answer can achieve.

His first love is English Football and his beloved Westham United. He quite possibly knows more about football than anyone else in New Zealand. In fact he brought the first football show on TV to New Zealand hosting, producing and writing 97 episodes of House Football 1998 – 2002

Miles really knows a lot about sport. In 1992 the Wellington Rugby Union appointed him as their marketing manager. He is proudly English and refuses to bow to pressure to adopt New Zealand teams against England in any sporting contest. He has been gravedigger, commodity exchange, bookmaker, pub work and finally spent almost 5 years at Rotary International organizing their annual conference for 6,000 people and overseeing the formation all new Rotary Clubs in Britain and Ireland. By contrast his stories of his times with the British Lions touring teams are legendary and he tells them with great delight in his after dinner talks.

Other achievements: · Hosted, produced, written 97 episodes House football 1998 – 2002 · Covered France 1998, Japan/Korea 2002 World Cups and Euro 2000 Holland/Belgium and Euro 2004 Portugal for print, radio and television · Hosted 2001 FA Cup final for TV3 (live) · Hosted 2003 domestic international cricket season and World Cup (live) for tv3 · Reported on Hurricanes games for TV3 · Co-Hosted Fight for Life 2002 · Made several appearances on Breakfast TV (TV1) Holmes (TV1), · Featured on Doco series The Truth about Money · Sunday News columnist for 5 years · Hosted talk back on Newstalk ZB, Radio Sport, Radio Pacific, Radio Live and The Breeze · Fought in Fight for Life 2005



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