Martin Hawes

Martin Hawes is a financial author and business advisor.

Martin Hawes is New Zealand’s best-selling financial author. He is a highly sought after seminar presenter, and business advisor and enjoys conference speaking on money matters and motivation. He brings the often seemingly complex aspects of finance, investment, taxation and trusts to a simple and understandable reality.

Martin has written 15 books, most of which have appeared on the Best-sellers list. The best known is on Family Trusts which was published in 1995 and which has sold over 100 000 copies. He has written two other books on Trusts: ‘77 Frequently Asked Questions on Family Trusts’ and ‘Managing Family Trusts’ as well as books on Property Investment, Shares, Tax, Mortgages and Superannuation. His latest book is ‘The School of Home truths – Buying and Selling Property In New Zealand’.

Martin wrote the book ‘Twenty Good Summers – work less, live more and make the most of your money’ in 2004 and since then has presented many seminars for people who are planning to retire or semi-retirement. Martin has a great interest in this area where people are starting to ease back and, instead of growing their wealth, start to use capital to gain income. The idea of Twenty Good Summers has gained considerable currency since the book was published with people deciding to take charge and have the lives that they have always wanted.

Martin frequently speaks at seminars on financial and business topics, and was presenter of Financial Secrets which screened nightly on Television One, and one of the expert presenters on the TV One show ‘The School of Home Truths’.

Along with his partner Joan Baker, Martin offers Wealth Coaching services to individual clients. Joan and Martin write columns for High Society and have written two books together – Get Rich, Stay Rich and Coach Yourself to Wealth.

Martin has a small number of independent non-executive company directorships and is National President of Save the Children New Zealand. His pastimes and interests include rock climbing, mountaineering (attempted Mt Everest in 1995), skiing, and cycling and he lives in Queenstown.

Martin’s presentations are direct, simple, relevant and most importantly impart valuable financial and investment messages.


• Investment – What is going on in the world
• Property
• Planning for twenty good summers
• Succession and Family Trusts – ‘Get Rich and Stay Rich’, ‘Coach Yourself to Wealth’
• Planning your Financial Future
• Life and Money