Ray Scicluna

Ray is a solid presenter with good thought-provoking business skills, a great facilitator, has a humble and realistic story that engages the audience and has a number of workshop topics that suit many organisations.

His main topics focus on customer service, creating "magic moments”, company culture, and sales. He believes “people make more happen” 

Ray wasn’t the brightest kid at school growing up in the rough Western Suburbs of Melbourne … You had to have “street smarts” to survive.
Unable to read or write Ray was the MD of Video Gold, a business venture he started at the age of 22.  Video Gold grew to a turnover of $90m in under 12 months. The revolutionary Video Gold copy depth leasing program (of new release movies for $1 a day) changed the video industry overnight and was responsible for the introduction of large shopping centre type video libraries. 
Bankrupt at 29, Ray fought back, buying the Video Ezy chain. Forming a super franchise team they took 13 stores to 360 before selling the franchise in 1998. 
Ray has a very colourful life story and people who have heard Ray’s entertaining life journey are truly inspired by his conviction and “can do attitude”. 
Success leaves traces, but so does failure.  Ray has a story worth hearing - that if he can, anyone can!
Sometimes we spend too much time, energy, and money on things that have little impact on our life.  Ray’s message is clear: Attitude Gets It Done, Create Magic Moments and Build a People Focused Culture!
Key Points: 
  • Ray opened his first business at 13. By age 22 he started his third business which grew to a turnover of $90m in just under 3 years.
  • Ray has opened a total of 68 different businesses over the past 39 years.
  • He is the author of “Crossroads and Roundabouts: life is full of choices”
  • Ray has used his “Street-Smart” instinct all his life and knows all too well that survival and success depends on the people around you.
  • He left school at the age of 13 and was unable to read or write until he was 31. 
  • “Street-Smart” pays off once again; Ray’s real education started with business failure at the age of 29, he was declared bankrupt and lost all of his material wealth.
  • Self-employed for 39 years, Ray has employed 100’s of people, trained 1000’s of young people in customer service and helped 100’s of people manage and build better businesses.
Ray is a perfect fit for all ages and any industries….   Franchises, Financial Institutions, Automotive Industry, Real Estate, Industry, Travel, Service, Retail, Associations…anyone!!  He has talked on many different topics over the years relating to to business and staff.


Ray’s Message is simple… In everything we do “People Make It Happen”.  Negative thinking can deter people from reaching their full potential, which is ultimately the choice of the individual. Continue to do the same old things; you get the same old results! 
  • Attitude Gets It Done “Hard Times Bring Out The Best in People”
  • Create Magic Moments  “Exceed Your Customers Expectations”
  • Build A People Focused Culture  “Your People = Your Future” 
  • Personnel Management  “Relationships = Results”
  • Crossroads & Roundabouts “ Life is Full of Choices”
  • Identify what works in challenging times and your business will profit. Why do 10% of people end up with 90% of the business? Why should someone do business with YOU? 
  • Learn how to get new customers buying, keep old customers coming back and get more from the ones you have!  


“Hi Ray, thank you so much, we had a great time, and from the feedback I received, you were really appreciated. You presented serious information but in a fun and energetic way, without forcing the message down people’s throats, you sent the message through laughter and their hearts.  Really well done” ILVE & De Dietrich 

“Ray you have a rare talent which enabled you to analyse the causes of business failure, and then to turn that failure into a positive which you have not only applied to your own life but into a powerful message which can have a profound effect on others, I was mesmerized from start to finish”  OAM Chairman Australian Business Week Limited
“Ray you were inspirational and just what our Team needed, an hour went all too quickly and I would happily sit through the whole entertaining talk again”  General Manager - Radisson Resort, Gold Coast
“Dear Ray, the Eurolinx sales team would like to send our heartfelt thanks.  Your thorough background research to ensure that the presentation you gave was on point with our requirements, it was a pleasure to work with you. You engaged our team using humour and thought-provoking questions through your imaginative use of multimedia.   You certainly have a talent keeping an audience amused and entertained whilst teaching them critical life/work skills; it's a true gift you have. The feedback from  our sales team  was  extremely   positive” Jamey Colbert, Leia Hemphill Managing Directors - Eurolinx 
“Ray, our sponsor was delighted with your presentation and despite having the graveyard shift, the presentation was a complete success and perhaps one of the best we have had from a keynote. Your story was laced with a real sense of reality and the lessons learned from adversity everybody really got that and the comments afterwards have been extremely positive. The performance was inspiring, funny, honest and relevant. We were really pleased (delighted) to have you along” Paul George Managing Director – MGA Insurance Brokers
“Thank you Ray, you done a great job and you were very well received!! we will talk soon re our conference next year” 
Gavin Rogers CEO - Sir Walter 
“We were lucky enough to have Ray Scicluna deliver a tailored workshop and facilitated session at our recent Morris Leadership Conference. From the first scoping meeting with Ray he listened and asked insightful questions to understand the Morris business. The design of the workshop was spot on based on our requirements. The learning outcomes we were looking for were delivered, and delivered with passion and enthusiasm. Ray was the highlight of the conference and had the participants challenging existing paradigms, and talking about his “Leadership Style”.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray”  Learning and Development - Morris
“Ray, this is the second time that you have presented to different groups within RFG. You have demonstrated an uncanny ability to meld humour with business best practice. Your presentation is able to fixate your audience and have them totally engaged with your message. Many of our franchisees have commented upon the benefits they have taken from what was a powerful and insightful 60 minutes.  On the basis of the above there will most definitely be a third and probably subsequent presentations”  Gary Alford Director of Franchise - Retail Food Group (Australia)
“Ray, Just wanted to personally thank you for the brilliant presentation at our conference. The feedback has been fantastic”  Fairdinkum Sheds
“Your Overall Grading: 9.999, Ray was superb – he took the time to get to know our company and our clients prior to his keynote and tailor his presentation accordingly. He hit a chord with every one of our delighted delegates, he went the ‘extra mile’ a room full of very satisfied, invigorated and inspired clients, armed with the tools they need to make a difference to their business. I can’t thanks Ray enough”  KPSS Australia
“Excellent, very strong and exciting presentation, you took the brief into your presentation and captured the delegates attention immediately with the fast paced presentation. an excellent business speaker with very relevant subject matter… One of our best speakers ever”  General Manager - TYREPOWER LTD
“Ray, an excellent, highly motivational presentation, the upbeat tempo and forthright style works very well, it is also particularly good for an end of seminar day as it gets the audience back on track and motivated to return to their businesses with enthusiasm. I think the story of your life makes people realise that most things are possible and most importantly there is always an upside and an opportunity” Managing Director - FarmWorx/BixSmart
“Ray, I thought your opening address was great. Fast paced and motivational and pitched at the right level. Your key messages of working on the business not in it, having balance and the importance of staff got through. I believe one of the most successful ingredients was that you had been in their shoes, they could relate to you and your story as well as you to theirs. Thank you for setting such a positive note for the start of our conference” General Manager - Leading Edge Computers 
“Excellent, your quick humour and business advice was very effective in getting our dealers to have a re-think on what their priorities should be, dealers truly enjoyed your speech, you hit the mark precisely”  General Manager - Honda Australia Motorcycle and Power Equipment Pty Ltd
 “Ray, I am a bit of a sponge when it comes to learning from others, I took notes on my serviette during your presentation. I took quite a bit away from your style and the way you used humour to drive your messages. thoroughly enjoyable and some really good lessons”  CEO - Gold Coast Football Club
 “You did a brilliant job of kicking off our managers’ conference. Our theme was “Managing and Building a Better Business” focusing on growing the business by increasing sales. Ray tailored his presentation to our company’s needs by doing his research, providing relevant information as well as feasible suggestions that the managers could take away. Additionally, Ray captivates and engages the group by utilizing his “hands on” experience in the real business world” Director - UES International Pty Ltd
“Ray, we valued your segment very much and the feedback was excellent”  Avery Dennison
“Ray, everyone that attended was extremely happy with your presentation and a number of comments were made about it being the best training that they have had since working with Hastings” Service Managers - Hastings Deering Australia Ltd
“Ray - your energy is infectious, Can't wait to see you again - thank you for making a difference, all delegates gave you an overall rating of excellent. Comments from the delegates included: Fantastic, Great energy, very motivational and thought provoking”  2creativemed           
“Ray, the team enjoyed your presentation, we all know what’s important in life however most times get caught up in what we are led to believe is important and the true things get left aside. The guys were especially interested in achieving success with balance and also where you challenged us as to “why Toshiba” whereby you said ‘who cares’  these things will help us really understand and make our retail partners understand exactly Why Toshiba.”  National Sales Manager - Toshiba Australia.   
“Ray, I would like to thank you the feedback received has been very, very positive.  Comments received on the feedback forms. motivational, very inspiring, funny and interesting, A life changing presenter, Very engaging, anyone can do it, Just wanted to get up and hug him, what a presentation”  CCIA Industry Development Manager
“If unbridled laughter indicates that the audiences is listening, then there can be no doubt YOU had their attention. Ray the value of your time with our staff has been very obvious we have had a positive attitude shift.  We will have you back soon…our team insists on it.” Director - Niche Media P/L
“Ray you truly were the highlight of the Burson’s Sales Manager Conference. Your session was informative, fast paced, hard hitting, hilarious, entertaining and inspiring for all attendee’s,  Your research on the company & their objectives was excellent. It was a fantastic way to kick off the conference and created a real sense of team spirit. I would highly recommend you to any business that needs a dose of true inspiration for their team!”  Project Manager – Burson
“Energy, enthusiasm, life, spirit and passion, apply the word ‘extreme’ to each of those and you have you. A view I gained having experienced one of your presentations” Director - Fixtronics Sales P/L (NZ)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

“Excellent, Ray you are dynamic as a speaker. I would have no hesitation in recommending you for any audience who wanted a highly entertaining and motivational speaker. You were very professional in your research you found out exactly what we wanted and you delivered. We received only positive feedback”  General Manager - NZ Collision Repair Association

“Thank you, your key note presentation certainly hit the mark and pulled together many elements of the conference. Many members have been in touch with us over the last two days and all we are hearing is thank you, great job”    General Manager - Auto One Australia Pty Ltd                                                                           
“It was great to work with you over the last couple of days and I do appreciate the amount of work and research you did prior to the meeting. The research meant that you understood to a large degree what we do and the presentation was tailored that way” GM - Office Choice Limited
“Ray, you are certainly the talk of Neways at present...with everyone who attended and listened to your amazing presentation are very excited.....Ray I like the way you tell it as it is.... people can relate to this in their own life....you inspired me through your honesty...Good to see you are going to be a guest speaker at the Main Event”  Neways
“Excellent presentation that was humorous, thought provoking and reflective of the general attitude of people. Delegates who attended the presentation have not stopped raving about it and the messages it contained” Australia Davey Water Products Pty. Ltd.
 “Ray, what can I say.....AWESOME. Your presentation was the most inspirational I have ever heard and your warmth and integrity shone through. I only hope I have the pleasure to meet you again one day soon as I believe no matter who you are or what you have achieved, everyone at some time in their life needs a hit of Ray Scicluna”  Roberts Real Estate
“Ray, thank you again for presenting at the Securitor Convention in Singapore.  I have attached a copy of the delegate evaluation data. Overall rating by all delegates – “excellent”
“Entertaining and inspirational presenter. Most enjoyable”
“Motivational speaker with a good example for practices”
“This is an excellent session that should be expected in future conventions”
“FANTASTIC and ENTERTAINING - Great journey”
“Energetic presenter. Never given up”
“Ray was a great way to start the day”
“Having professional motivational speakers like Ray Scicluna sets us apart from our competitors.  Having personally seen Ray present to M3, Financial Wisdom, Pivotal and Securitor it’s fantastic to see the audience appreciation. The feedback on Ray’s presentation from all of our key Dealerships has been brilliant” AIA Australia Limited 
 “Ray, thanks once again for the privilege of hearing your heartfelt life story. What I found to be even more special was your actual journey: from humble beginnings to success, failure and then overcoming adversity to find success again but also in the person that you became.  You’re a remarkable human being; moreover because you choose to have a positive impact on the lives of other people” Relationship Manager - IOOF Investment Management Limited
“Ray, I wish to again thank you for “One of the most inspirational and also entertaining talks I have heard in a long time. Thoroughly enjoyed the way you communicated the message of “embrace change and not be afraid of it” – Loved the visuals. Glad to hear that Tower has booked you as a guest Speaker in Hong Kong and hope to catch up with you then” Pivotal Financial Advisers (SA) Pty Ltd