Mike Sabin

Mike Sabin a former policeman, drug campaigner and politician.

Speaks on drugs in the workplace and the problems of ‘P’ – Methamphetamine and other drugs throughout society and the workplace at all levels. Employers need to be able to recognise the signs as drug use is becoming endemic through all levels of all types of businesses.

For many years Michael Sabin ran a consultancy company specialising in providing education, advice and strategies relating to methamphetamine, or ‘P’. It aims to reduce the effects of methamphetamine and other drugs in the workforce and wider community. The company provides expert needs-based education for all sectors of the business community working with large corporates through to small businesses, which are the lifeblood of provincial communities. The company also works with numerous Government departments, agencies and secondary schools nationwide.

Mike is an inspirational leader with the courage to follow his own convictions. He left a successful police career with several years experience in the field of drug investigation to develop a business with no pre-existing model and no assurance of success. He is passionate about society and family and built his business from a realisation that the impact of methamphetamine would never be successfully addressed with current law enforcement and legislative models alone. Michael’s leadership style is one built on genuine human connections. He has successfully fostered relationships with government, business and the public here at home and internationally.

In 1997 the first Methamphetamine Clandestine Laboratory (Clan Lab) was discovered in New Zealand. By 2005 this number had increased to 204 a figure that continues to rise. New Zealand is now in the unenviable position of being one of the top 3 countries in the world for addiction to methamphetamine, a powerfully addictive synthetic stimulant which triggers the release of specific brain chemicals, causing a euphoric high. Known more commonly in New Zealand as ‘P’, its overwhelmingly addictive nature has seen it cut a swathe through all socio-economic boundaries, making it one of the number one issues facing employers and the community as a whole. Methamphetamine is commonly manufactured in makeshift laboratories, which are notoriously difficult to identify, as they may be anything from a few bottles, dishes and hoses, to a full-scale commercial laboratory. 9 out of 10 people who try methamphetamine go on to continue using the drug, addiction often occurring very quickly without the users knowledge or understanding. The drug is a deceiver and quickly traps the user into a cycle of psychological dependency as it destroys the organic tissue in the brain responsible for pleasure, leaving them unable to experience anything close to normal life pleasure without using the drug. The psychological addiction sets a forest fire in the brain with delusions, paranoia, meth psychosis and extreme depression often leading to irrational violent and aggressive behaviour. This is also followed by a multitude of extreme physical side effects which derive from the intensely toxic nature of methamphetamine combined with the hyperactivity that it causes.

The dangers and implications of meth use and manufacture are unparalleled, presenting risks at work, at home and our social lives. New Zealand research has shown that the majority of people using methamphetamine frequently are in full time employment. 40% of them are earning money from illegal activities to support their habit, much of this within or from the workplace. This fact is supported by two large private investigation companies one of whom reports 90% of the workplace theft jobs they are investigating involves an employee on ‘P’. Alongside this, methamphetamine is responsible for 2 to 3 higher rates of absenteeism, 30% less productivity and up to 5 times greater risk of accident or injury, not to mention the damage to morale and professional reputation. Would you know how to protect yourself, your employees or your profits from the implications of ‘P’?

Mike Sabin also offers conference seminars designed to open your eyes to the devastating connotations and implications of methamphetamine use and manufacture. As a former Clan Lab specialist he also has specialised knowledge of the manufacture process and the dangers and destruction Meth Labs bring. His presentations are extremely visual and hard hitting, exposing the real truth behind this drug. You will laugh, you may cry, you could be horrified, but you will definitely be empowered by the experience. This is an ‘eye opener’ like no other.

Mike was invited to speak at the world’s first global Meth conference in Prague in 2008 to talk about the research he did on solutions to the meth crisis in New Zealand.

In July 2008 Mike was awarded a Sir Peter Blake emerging Leader Award for his work with P.

He was the National MP for Northland from 2011-2015.


1) When P Stands for Plague.
• What is it?
• Where has it come from?
• How does it work?
• How is it used and sold?
• How does it affect people?
• When are the risks the greatest?
• What are the signs of meth use and addiction?
• What are the effects on pregnancy and children?
• How is it made?
• What are the dangers of manufacture?
• How will it affect me, my life and my job?

2) Leadership – translating a vision into a reality.