Rob Redenbach

Rob has successfully transferred the psychology of high-risk reaction to the business arena. The former defensive tactics instructor of Nelson Mandela’s bodyguards, Rob has managed a security company in Papua New Guinea, studied martial arts throughout Asia, worked with special forces and anti-terrorists units in Britain, Europe and the United States and during the build up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics he provided conflict resolution training to experts from the Federal Police, State Protection Group and the Australian SAS. His latest book is entitled ‘Be Your Own Bodyguard’. ” His previous book ‘Perform with Confidence’ introduced thousands of readers to the value of using brains over brawn when dealing with conflict. This book attracted the attention of the business and management community and has since seen Rob present to companies such as Bayer, Lumley Life, Norwich Union, Panasonic and Telstra. Business Review Weekly ranked Rob as one of Australia’s top 10 professional speakers.

Listed by Business Review Weekly as one of Australia’s Top 10 professional speakers, Rob Redenbach blends humour, experience and hard facts to demonstrate the value of understanding why people respond in the way they do and, importantly, how to influence response to achieve worthwhile outcomes. Rob delivers dynamic techniques for improving teamwork, leadership and managing risk.

Rob is a successful author and regular guest speaker at major corporate events. The author of ‘Be Your Own Bodyguard” and ‘Waveman’, Rob has educated and entertained business audiences from a diverse range of industries, including; banking and finance, telecommunications, real estate and IT. An experienced and humorous corporate presenter, he offers fascinating insights into how people react and what it takes to achieve superior outcomes in difficult situations. Rob's signature presentation Know Pressure along with his interactive workshop Streetwise Leadership has practical relevance for existing and aspiring leaders.

In July 2002 Business Review Weekly published an article on the professional speaking industry. That article listed ten of the country's top speakers, which included two former Prime Ministers, an Olympic Gold Medallist and a "quirky new speaker" . . . Rob Redenbach. Since that article was published, Rob has spoken at hundreds of corporate events. Now a quirky experienced speaker, Rob provides leaders and teams with techniques for improving planning, communication and personal confidence.
An internationally experienced authority on personal security and risk management, Rob has managed a security company in Papua New Guinea and trained with military special forces in the United Kingdom as well as state and federal law enforcement agencies in the United States. From 1994 to 1998 Rob lived in South Africa where he was a defensive tactics instructor for Nelson Mandela's bodyguard team, and during the build-up to the 2000 Olympics he provided conflict resolution training to instructors from the Australian SAS and Federal Police. Still involved in the security industry on a select basis, his field experience includes assignments in the Middle East and South East Asia..

Having served with the Australian military in South East Asia during the mid-'80s, Rob's involvement in combative approaches saw him travel extensively through India, Korea, Japan, China and Papua New Guinea before reaching South Africa in 1994, where he spent five years teaching customized self-defence to government organisations, including; the Special Task Force, the South African Navy and Nelson Mandela's Presidential Protection Unit.

Rob's first book, Perform With Confidence, introduced thousands of readers to the value of using brains over brawn when dealing with conflict. It was this book that attracted the attention of the business and management community and has since seen Rob featured in mediums as diverse as UK Ultra-FIT, The Today Show, Business Review Weekly, Qantas In-flight radio, the American Society for Law Enforcement Training and Money Management. His next book, Be Your Own Bodyguard, provides invaluable advice for dealing with the challenges and uncertainties of a less-than-perfect world

Rob continues to research developments in the field of defensive tactics and refine the programs he teaches. His topics include ‘Benefiting from Change’ – forget about coping with change. Everyone copes with change, some well, some poorly. The important question is; what does it takes to benefit from change? In less than one hour Rob not only provides the answer to that question, he also provides the tools needed to consistently achieve better outcomes in any environment.

Rob balances a healthy family life with a passion for learning and life-long development which began over a quarter of a century ago when he joined the Australian army as a 17-year old infantry soldier Equally comfortable delivering a light-hearted 20-minute speech in an after-dinner setting, a dynamic 90-minute keynote presentation at a business conference or an extended interactive workshop for business leaders, Rob has successfully transferred the psychology of personal protection to everyday life. His highly original workshop ‘Intuitive Agility’ encapsulates Rob's diversity as a presenter and provides a fresh 'left-field' perspective on communicating persuasively


• Benefiting From Change
• Building Strategic Alliances
• Perform With Confidence
• Extreme Body Language
• Intuitive Agility
• Workshop – ‘Streetwise Leadership’