Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph specialises in assisting individuals and organisations to achieve more of their true potential.

Richard is an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management. He spent 6 years as General Manager of a major Australian Credit bureau before forming his own credit agencies in New Zealand. Richard was a Director of Creditcorp Services Ltd and National President of the New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute

In 1991 Richard resigned from Creditcorp to form Richard Joseph and Associates Ltd, a management consultancy company which specialises in assisting individuals and organisations to achieve more of their true potential. Richard’s client base is varied and diverse and his work takes him throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Richard runs a three day programme called Turning Point ™ which offers individuals an opportunity to explore and develop their potential and power of choice in all aspects of their lives. It is designed to encourage participants to take responsibility for their lives, to recognise, to appreciate and to act on their true potential. These attributes are of significant value to progressive organisations that see the value in aligning individual and team potential with organisational development.

Typical barriers to personal potential are · An unhealthy balance between personal and professional lives. · Feeling overwhelmed and of little value to the organisation · Being unaware of self-limiting beliefs and negative behaviour. · Traditional organisational models show a hierarchical order that does not focus on individual team members for organisational progress. · Being unsure that permission exists to look for better ways and to try new things. · People are under pressure and more focused on their own tasks as opposed to interdependence, co-operation and synergy. · Resistance to change · Suffering from symptoms of stress/anxiety at an often unrecognised level.

Turning Point refocuses the organisation on the requirements and creative aspirations of INDIVIDUAL team members. It is this human resource that contains the potential and will provide the distinctive advantage, which will grow and differentiate organisations and businesses now and in the future.


Richard Joseph & Associates offers other support programmes in

• Organisational Leadership
• Managing Change
• Team Development
• Performance Improvement
• Challenging the Status Quo & Exploring Possibilities
• Relationship Selling
• Mentoring
• Scenario Planning
• Conflict Resolution
• Executive Coaching
• Career Development
• Recruitment
• Strategic Planning
• Customer Service