Ray Pitch

Project Management and Risk Management Specialist

Ray Pitch has over 25 years experience in the computer and information technology field. He is an international speaker and seminar leader focusing on the non-technical and managerial side of information technology, encouraging organisations to examine and use technology to leverage sustainable competitive advantage for their businesses.

A passionate champion for the critical triangle of business - Customers, Products and Cash Flow, Ray is the ideal workshop facilitator to get your people or customers thinking and acting to improve your organisation’s performance.

Ray is a business process change leader with over 25 years of client facing programme and ICT management experience gained over a wide range of industries and business environments. Trained as a management & cost accountant, he holds a Masters degree in business administration, a post graduate certificate in business research, is a certified risk manager (finance) and is a senior associate in the NZ/Australian Institute of Insurance & Finance. Ray is a volunteer Ambulance Officer with St John, and is an accredited Triathlon coach and referee, having been awarded two SPARC Prime Minister’s Scholarships in 2009 & 2010.

He draws from his extensive background with organisations such as Air New Zealand, Caltex, Telstra Clear, ING, IAG, Guinness, BHP, Progressive Enterprises, and St John to engage participants at all levels of experience to get to grips with the basics of getting business basics right. Gaining and retaining customers, developing and evolving products and ensuring the organisation has the cash to operate.

His unique blend of practical experience, professional qualifications, technical expertise and team coach style has been proven through on time, on budget and on scope delivery providing stakeholders with exemplary returns on their projects.

Ray enjoys the challenge of getting to grips with complex situations and being able to present these in a succinct and readily understood form through workshops or coaching sessions . His approach to assignments is to get a thorough understanding of the underlying goals and objectives, helping the client by developing and delivering a bespoke presentation or workshop.

Ray is an accomplished communicator whose style results in the audience carrying long lasting images and concepts in their mind that can be applied when the opportunity arises, and he does all this with humour. It is extremely common for people who have participated in Ray’s workshops to return to work and be able to immediately apply the principles and fundamentals at the core of his message.


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