Dr Kerry Spackman

Dr Kerry Spackman is a neuroscientist who has developed a career coaching athletes, business people, and many well-known personalities, working with them to pioneer the mental tools needed to succeed within their chosen fields.

He has been a long-term consultant to four Formula One teams as well as the New Zealand All Blacks specialising in performance optimisation and he is retained by the New Zealand Government to provide elite training to Olympic and team sports. He is also the author of The Winner’s Bible and The Ant and the Ferrari.

How would your business fare if it had to compete in Formula 1? Would your staff, your procedures and your strategies cut the mustard? An environment so competitive that the world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, spent Billions (that’s with a B) of dollars and years of trying yet never made the grade. An environment where your entire company’s value is measured each fortnight and the result affects your operating budget.

Now imagine what your company (and you) could gain if you had a chance to spend time inside a range of F-1 teams and learn their secrets.

NZ KEA World Class award winner, long term Formula 1 Neuroscientist, consultant to Olympic Champions and Number 1 best-selling author of The Winner’s Bible, Dr Kerry Spackman shows how those F-1 secrets can be applied to your company and your staff for success.

Kerry is a down-to-earth Kiwi guy who has achieved success in not only his own life, but has helped to change the lives of so many people.