Doug Scott

Doug is an expert in intellectual property and will show you how to best use the knowledge within your organisation to build bigger profits.

Doug is a former chairperson of charitable trusts, industry associations, sports and community organisations and founder chairman of local business association, mentor for Businesses in the Community (BITC) for 13 years, Chairman of Manurewa Community Board for 9 years, and deputy Chairman of Licensing Trust for 9 years. He has been a Justice of the Peace for 14 years and has written widely in trade and business publications and taught at tertiary level.

The value of knowledge is raised by the power of its applications. The smartest companies have a knowledge management plan – do you know how to make one? Doug wrote the books on Knowledge Management.

What makes your company so special? Is it what you know?

What makes your company so special? Do you have competitors? What’s the difference between their company and yours?

Key people?
Top Service?
Best products?
Special Processes?
Core competency?
Innovative technologies?
You are the owner or manager, so do you know how each and every staff person is working, and what you would do if they disappeared? Do you have a knowledge creation and protection plan? How long is it since you did a ‘Knowledge Audit’ and put a plan into action to become or stay leader in you industry.

The analogy of the ‘cake versus the recipe’.
If I sell you a cake, you now have it but I no longer have any. To both have cake we have to cut it in half or portions. If someone else wants some, we have to cut the slices even smaller. Knowledge is like a recipe. If I know how to make a cake, I can sell you a recipe, but keep it too. If a third party wants a copy, either of us could share it without loss to ourselves. We could sell it many times over without loss of it ourselves. Better yet, I could just lease it to anyone and everyone, and retain my ownership, control and profit. Intellectual property can be the most fantastic and lucrative property!



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