Dick Tayler

Dick Tayler is an outstanding athlete and runner who won a Commonwealth Games Gold Medal and just one year later was struck with arthritis.

Dick Tayler has an inspirational story with amusing anecdotes and poignant messages.

Dick speaks on a broad range of subjects from his running days to his involvement with the Canterbury Supporters Club, mixing some serious with light hearted humour. Dick also talks about some of the sportsmen he knows, such as John Walker, Colin Meads, Andrew Mehrtens and not forgetting the great middle and long distance coach, the late Arthur Lydiard.

He competed in the Olympic Games in 1970, 1972, and 1974. In 1974 he won a gold medal, a games record held until it was broken at Manchester in 2002. Just one year later his athletic career was cut short when he was struck with arthritis, when renowned coach Arthur Lydiard predicted Tayler could possibly be an Olympic Champion in 1976. In 2001 heart problems put him in hospital and an angioplasty was performed. Dick has since recovered from his health issues and he is now jogging for half an hour plus each day and works as a National Sales Manager for a Gaming Company.

Early in 2004 Dick set himself up as a drinking consultant and has already established quite a number of good clients and he has written his biography – ‘Gold’s Aren’t Easy’.

Dick designs his presentations to meet the clients’ brief - whether it is an M/C role, After Dinner entertainment, a business or motivational message, or something more specialised (such as overcoming health problems).

Dick is a very popular choice as an MC or entertaining and motivational speaker.


• After Dinner
• Keynote
• Motivation
• Health Issues
• ‘Gold’s aren’t easy’