Phil Baldey

Director of his own Consultancy Company, Phil is passionate about change management, restructuring and transformation of companies and individuals. Phil is an entrepreneur, former partner of Eric Watson in Rank Xerox and Blue Star companies. An excellent marketer and businessman Phil is happy to share his experiences on transforming your organisation, mentoring, selling, etc. Phil enjoys skydiving and riding Harley Davidsons and is not your usual ‘business consultant’.

Phil Baldey is the founder of Baaldi & Baaldi an organisational development consultancy in the areas of transformation and change management. His earlier days were involved in being sales representations for Poste Haste Couriers and Rank Xerox where he became a Regional Manager at the age of 23. At this time he met Eric Watson and got involved with the foundation companies which became the Blue Star Group. Phil ran the print company as part of this group and then became Group Marketing Director running a marketing budget of $7 million with 10 product managers and advertising personnel. Phil assimilated the companies that were acquired by Blue Star into the fold, ensuring that not only the locations were correct but that the personnel fitted, the culture developed and that the targets were met. Whilst he was only one part of this management team, he had a significant impact on the growth of the business from $4 million to $180 million in five years. Phil sold out just before his 30th birthday saying “there must be more to life”. He had a real desire to see the true principles and values being applied within businesses. His company Baaldi & Baaldi was formed and today boasts seven associates and a client list that reads a little like the top 200 list. Phil is seen as a free thinker, is stingingly original and individualistic and speaks from the heart. His intuitive ability, combined with strong process and products, enables him and his team to create dynamic results. Working with both large organisations and small, Phil strongly believes that the problems of those companies do not rest with their financial position. Profit is an outcome of doing everything else right. Phil knows how to get that winning formula. Phil also believes in a balance in life and that is why he works a total of six to eight months of the year. He is a mad keen competitive skydiver and a motorbike fanatic. He was a leading member of Project Light, the recovery team after Mercury Energy’s February 1998 power crisis in Auckland’s central business district which made worldwide news. Phil has developed a methodology that enables him to audit a business, identify problem areas and bring it back on track. Both analytical and intuitive, he has the unique ability to get to the heart of the real ailments of a business. He takes a global approach that encompasses sales, marketing, human resources and operation, yet produces a fiscally based result. Uncompromising, rigorous and candid, he challenges people’s beliefs, refocusses management, negotiates disputes and works as a facilitator. Phil lives in the Bay of Plenty, is on the Executive of the Eastern Bay of Plenty and works with unemployed youth in the area.


• Transforming your organisation
• Change Management
• Organisational Development
• Strategy
• Structure
• Culture
• Communication
• Overcoming Call Reluctance
• Leadership
• Innovation
• Customer Service
• Marketing made Simple
• Sales
• Personal Development
• Delegate Effectively
• Mentoring