Steve Simpson

Steve is an author and professional speaker who helps companies profit from an improved culture of service. Rated in the top ten speakers in the world on customer service at the 2000 World Conference on Customer Service Management in the USA, he was the only Australian to be rebooked for the 2002 Conference. In 2003 Steve was invited to speak at the European Conference on Customer Service Management in the UK. His down to earth and humorous approach has enthralled many clients who have retained Steve for multiple appearances. He is Past President of the Australian Customer Service Association. Steve Simpson has a distinct and powerful message. Audiences in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, South Africa, the UK and the US have profited from Steve’s unique insights that help create a culture of service.
Steve has created the concept called ‘UGRs®’ (Unwritten Ground Rules), which enables people to understand and manage their culture. This powerful concept has grabbed the attention of businesses worldwide - as it provides a truly unique approach to improving culture, service and bottom line performance.
The tale of five monkeys in a cage has become a metaphor for Steve Simpson's distinctly challenging approach to customer service. He peels back the unwritten ground rules in your organisation to reveal the secrets of customer delight and bottom line performance. With a rare combination of management skill and practical good humour, Steve offers a substance and style that has won him acclaim at industry conferences and corporate seminars throughout Australia, Asia and the United States.
Market leaders like the General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the National Institute of Education, Singapore, the International Customer Service Association, USA and the 8th World Swimming Championships have discovered the power of Steve Simpson's seminars to unleash a revolution in customer service. Built from the ground up, the revolution begins by highlighting entrenched systems and attitudes that stifle excellence. Steve is then able to unlock the secrets that catapult service – a service revolution that strikes at the very heart of an organisation's culture. In Steve's view, customers are yearning to discover a business that is efficient, trustworthy and committed to providing outstanding service. Exciting opportunities exist for organisations willing to invest in meeting the service challenge.
UGR's – The Secrets Behind Your Business Performance
This presentation is Steve's signature piece. He presents an incredible and unique way to look at your business through a concept called UGRs. You will be spellbound when he tells of a true story of scientists who have studied primate behaviour, and how the results can shed a bright light on your team's performance. You will be amazed when Steve presents UGRs that exist in sporting team, and how these relate to your business.
Service Into Profit
Based on Steve's breakthrough book, "Service Into Profit", this session provides the four bases that every business needs to cover to ensure outstanding service. You will be guided step by step on how to put in place systems and strategies to lift service and profit. This is a presentation for managers who wish to improve service inside and out. It is practical, yet soundly based, challenging, yet easy to understand, valuable, yet enthralling. It is the beginning of the service revolution.
The Secret's Behind Australia's Customer Service Gold Medallist. This presentation has it all – internal and external customer service strategies that are used by organisations that include a primary school, a pharmacy, a casino, a tertiary college, a funeral parlour, a book store, a police district, a gas company and a health insurance company. What binds these, and other organisations together, is their action with regard to customer service, and Steve reveals all.
Customer Service – Beyond the Superficial.
Too often, organisations think of Customer Service as something that only the front line staff have to worry about! This powerful presentation by Steve Simpson shows that Customer Service means a great deal more than answering the telephone within three rings, and serving customers with a smile.
Creating a Culture of Service.
Is there a relationship between service and profit? You can bet on it! We all know that poor service costs – businesses lose customers without even knowing it. Perhaps more important however is the recently established fact that good service equates to improved profits. Great service pays, in more ways than we think.
Six Tools to Get Inside the Customer's Mind.
If we could predict and meet our customer's needs, wouldn't we be on the road to huge success? This presentation provides startling evidence of why most businesses have got it wrong when it comes to meeting their customers' needs. Steve shows that not only are the wrong strategies being deployed, the wrong information is being collected.


• UGR's – The Secret Behind Your Business Performance
• Service Into Profit – The Secrets Behind Australia's Customer Service Gold Medallists
• Customer Service – Beyond the Superficial
• Creating a Culture of Service – Six Tools to Get Inside the Customer's Mind
• Corporate Culture
• Leadership
• Motivation
• Work-Life Balance