Gwendolyn Needham

Gwendolyn Needham brings to her professional speaking presentations a unique life-experience – a combination of her nursing / farming / family / small community roots with being one of the first woman ordained in the Anglican church in New Zealand. The mix of these roles has required acute people-skills, stress-management expertise, and the challenge of surviving, with grace, as a somewhat tall poppy within the confines of a traditional conservative power-structure. This ‘road less travelled’ made her aware with great clarity that for churches to have any appeal or relevance to modern society, they must major in key messages of positivity, hope, ways forward, fulfilled living, and successful incorporation into the real world of business, school, health, family life, leisure. Her best work has not been with churches, but in the community and business world. For the past 15 years, Gwendolyn has translated her study of psychology, philosophy, theology, education, and organisational development into practical teaching modules in the form of ‘seminars’ – planting ideas in minds open to receive them – for corporates, health, education, and helping professionals. Engage her for your conference, and you are guaranteed a time of interest, stimulation, inspiration – which may even move you to take some action on your own behalf. Gwendolyn draws on a rich mine of wit and wisdom, tailoring her presentation directly to the needs of her listeners, from corporate leaders, community volunteers, to young adults on the way up. She is one of New Zealand’s best resources, in terms of enhancing the humanity within us all, and taps directly into the minds, hearts, and spirits of listeners, with topics of equal importance and interest to both men and women.


• Power Principles – and Me. Why aren’t I singing my best song yet?
• How Everything is Related to Everything Else, & What to do about it.
• Am I Whole, Happy, Healthy?
• Success Tracks; Failure Tracks; and Changing Tracks
• Monster, Mouse, or Human? Who, me?
• Is my life killing me? How long have I got?
• Mind Power – Change your mind – Change your life!